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  1. special1rn

    Med/surg or Telemetry Nursing

    Good evening, I currently work at the VA Medical Center. I am wondering if anyone could tell me what there average staffing ratio is on a telemetry or med/surg unit. How big the unit is, and what kind of patients do you routinely see?
  2. special1rn

    Nurse III

    There is a combination of both. For those underperforming most are nurses within the past 2-3 years who have been N1L3 who have been promoted to N2, and yet are not performing at N2 level. I am just wondering what is the most basic way to explain what a N2 should be doing? I have said it, and even had my supervisor explain in the case I am not stating it as clearly as I should.
  3. special1rn

    Nurse III

    I am wondering how to best explain to nursing staff functions of a nurse II. I have plenty of staff nurses who essentially just show up to work, they won't do anything else aside from that. And yet they don't clearly understand there performance rating is based on that "performance".
  4. special1rn

    Constant Complaining

    Managers, I am wondering how you handle staff that complain constantly. I have many staff nurses who are seasons, and anytime I try to speak to them about anything it turns into complaints, with no offers of solutions. The education department is making changes to the documentation assessment due to computer limitations and seeking input from the staff. The majority of the staff have offered no input and the other halve have just complained so the educator is fed up. This is becoming frustrating with the amount of work that needs to be done on this unit! Any thoughts?
  5. special1rn


    Thanks for advice, I appreciate it.
  6. special1rn


    Thanks again. I am verbally being told we support you but when asking questions and for more one to one with certain things it does not happen. So in my opinion it is OK with my superiors. I need to have attendance and schedules controlled within couple months. And your are absolutely correct about the difficult conversations, I have expressed concern about this with my supervisor as well it just seems to be falling on deaf ears.
  7. special1rn


    Thanks for comment. I previously was in middle management as a nursing supervisor at another hospital. I left that hospital and took this job at a small VA hospital. I am having trouble because my orientation was condensed into about 20 days by staff nurse who was covering management role and minimal guidance. I asked for a structured orientation and yet this hasn't happened. I am being directed by my supervisor to crack down on them but I can honestly say I don't know them or there work ethnic to crack down. I am still learning them and they are still learning me. And outside of that I am trying to still get acclimated and seek to learn the things I don't know nor have been taught.
  8. special1rn


    Well as some of you know I have been in my role as nurse manager. It is my first nurse manager role ever. The challenge as well is I am working for the government. The unit I am working has had a turnover of 4 managers in 2.5 years. The staff for the most part wants to do things there way!! I have managed to have some success in small areas, however there is a member of the team that appears to be the staffs unofficial leader!!! The members have celebrated her advocating for them previously in different situations. I at a loss right now where to start really with this unit. I have chosen to start with getting to work on time and doing report at the bedside which has been challenge getting everyone educated with expectation. I am just not sure when in this situation where to begin.
  9. special1rn

    Nurse managers at VA

    I am not sure if anyone here is a nurse manager at the VA. I will be entering a position shortly at a smaller VA and when inquiring about my orientation I can't seem to get a straight answer. I am wondering what kind of training does the VA offer for leadership positions?
  10. Thanks for asking I haven't started yet, waiting for clearance. Have a projected start date middle of January..So nervous new place and new position
  11. special1rn

    Va onboarding

    Thanks but it was stated that the pay stubs are for the final offer!!! It just makes no sense. I currently am in middle management(supervisor/bed flow) The potential job is a nurse manager of a tele unit. I have been away from direct bedside for almost 5 years in this role, so have no numbers to show. And when you say speak about leadership on resume what exactly are they looking for do you know? My role right now encompasses so many aspects.
  12. special1rn

    Va onboarding

    Hello everyone. I am just wondering has anyone been hired at the VA and not done dimensions? I am being asked to just update my resume to reflect my leadership accomplishments. There was some talk of dimension but I was told to do this instead. I was told with tentative offer they would like to expedite the process for hiring. But what threw me was I was asked for pay stubs from my current employer. Has anyone ever heard of such. I assumed this was because they were going to try to low ball me and wanted to see what I make currently. Any insight?
  13. special1rn

    VA proficiency nurse III frustration & appeal

    Hello RN4KU or anyone who has a copy could your please share it with me via emai...at starr40@icloud.com Please send me a copy of your proficiency that got you promoted to Nurse 3 Thanks
  14. special1rn

    Nurse Management

    Is anyone in the group a nurse manager at the VA or in administration?
  15. special1rn

    VA Hiring Process

    I am just curious I have interviewed twice at the VA and have been asked for references. I have been told that the sooner the better so HR can call with appointment. If and when HR calls is there any negotiation with salary? I have interview for a nurse manager position.