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  1. dhennie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Hi to all!!! I'm with a home care agency for 4 years and i've been thru many positions... ie nurse trainee, CNA, HHA and now i'm in medical records. All I can say is that, in HH setting your schedules are flexible no need to rush (well, except when you have an admission, recert, resump of care) in terms of the paperwork. The only thing that is you have to be on time on submitting your paperworks.
  2. dhennie

    Foreign Nurse (non-US) Education Levels

    Your statement regarding nurse from the Philippines pissssssssshed me. You don't have to generallize all nurses from that country. It is the same in your country that every professional have the spelling right or they speak correct english. Why? do you think all amercian speak right grammar and use correct tenses. How would you think these nurse who are working with you passed the required examination (Have you tried to looked at the two famous dictionaries Oxford and Webster try to see if they have same spelling in some words). Or you are just being sarcastic since you know that Nurses from the Philippines have more patience in care and performs well in the ward. Remember we are not here to compete with spelling and speaking we are here to work and earn same a you maybe.:angryfire
  3. dhennie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    hello there from virginia... yeah your right about the flexibility of doing the visit because you can adjust your time to work and to your personal plans and the thing is the pay isn't bad too;) ... but about the paperwork... !!!
  4. dhennie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    hi there kabayan!!!
  5. dhennie

    Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Congratulations!!! Count me in!!!
  6. dhennie

    4 years of school & 75 measly questions?

    Wow... did you wait for two months for your test result to come out??? and your board exam took 2 days... is it still written exam back in 1981???
  7. dhennie

    Worried, 2nd time taking NCLEX today

    don't loose faith.... as Rob Sneider said " you can do it..."
  8. dhennie

    NCLEX Question of the Day

    have you heard about ncsbn learingext? they have new questions q monday...