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    Nurses with experience

    Any nurses with experience which residency if any did you do? Which hospital is better in terms of overall experience: Emory, Piedmont, Grady, Gwinnett Medical, or Northside? Any other information you can provide would be helpful. Thanks
  2. Hi all, I am looking at moving to GA sometime in the near future. I'm an experienced nurse looking to go into a new specialty. I don't necessarily want to work in ATL, however I want to keep my options open. I'm looking at the surrounding areas if possible. If anyone can PM me with experienced RN salary that would be great. Or if you have any tips or insight on nursing in GA that would really be helpful. Thanks
  3. iwanttobethebest

    Anyone travel to CT

    Thanks for the information Ned. I appreciate it.
  4. iwanttobethebest

    Anyone travel to CT

    Hello All, Have any of you traveled to any hospitals in CT (i.e. Greenwich Hospital, St. Vincent's, Bridgeport Hospital, or Yale New Haven? Any tips or experiences you can share would be appreciated.
  5. iwanttobethebest

    Personal Review Live Scan

    Most likely they will get the same report you received. But as the previous poster stated check what their requirements are.
  6. iwanttobethebest

    Travel to Nyack Hospital

    Oh ok thanks Barkow
  7. iwanttobethebest

    Travel to Nyack Hospital

    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has any experience traveling to Nyack Hospital in NY. What were the working conditions like and etc. Any input is helpful. Thanks
  8. iwanttobethebest

    Travel to Nyack Hospital

    Barlow thanks for the info. Is there a particular reason I wouldn't find any travelers to comment. If possible PM me. Thanks
  9. iwanttobethebest

    OR Travelers question for you

    Yes the politics are too intense and I'm learning to just let things slide and ignore people. I just show up do my work and that is all. I've learned throughout my career just to bite my tongue, at times its hard but it pays off in the end. Lol you seem like you have a strong personality which is a good thing at times. I actually appreciate this talk as I know it will prepare me for what to expect when I start traveling. I definitely understand about doing things the right way after all sterile technique is a must and you know better than I do about some of these residents, surgeons, techs and nurses. It's good to speak up especially since we are patient advocates. I really appreciate the advice Ned thanks a lot!
  10. iwanttobethebest

    OR Travelers question for you

    When traveling to different hospitals how did instrument names vary(i.e. hemostat vs mosquito and etc..)? Just want to get a picture on what type of adjustment I'll be dealing with. Also when traveling do you scrub and circulate? What shifts do you generally tend to work? Are there 12 hour shifts available? I get that different agencies will have different shifts and hours but just wanted to know if 12 hours shifts are available out there. For specialties that you've never done are the nurses helpful in showing you the back table setup, and what you need for the case?
  11. iwanttobethebest

    OR Travelers question for you

    Thanks Ned. Appreciate it. I'm currently staff but I've mentioned to said travelers to complain outside, because the OR I work in is full of ****. All complaints get swept under the rug, and if you're a certain race you get walked all over and abused basically. I agree never piss the surgeons off, never a good thing. Thanks again for the info!
  12. iwanttobethebest

    I'm scared to travel!

    Think of it this way new adventures are usually always exciting. I would start by reading through the travel forum. I've found very insightful information from posters who are just starting and ones who have over 20 years of experience. I definitely agree with what Ned said it seems unlikely that any travel assignment or situation would be worse than your current situation. Best of luck with everything!
  13. iwanttobethebest

    OR Travelers question for you

    Thanks Ned for the info. For some reason I was under the impression that I would both scrub and circulate which I don't mind. I was asking about scrubbing a new specialty because my ADN/ charge nurse attempts to throw the current travelers into cases in which they claim they don't do (i.e. not on their agency checklist). Anything else you think I should know about being a travel OR nurse?
  14. iwanttobethebest

    OR Travelers question for you

    Thanks springchick for the info. Appreciate it
  15. iwanttobethebest

    Need help with livescan

    I agree with the above post. From what I hear it doesn't help speed things up. They are slow and really behind on the files they currently have.
  16. iwanttobethebest

    Leave staff RN job and do Agency?

    Hi all, I am really in a pickle. I currently am on staff at a hospital and I will be moving soon. I received an offer from an agency which pays about double what I'm earning now, the assignment fits within my timeline to move (i.e. assignment will end 2 weeks before I move, but requires almost immediate start). Question I have is should I leave my staff job now and take this opportunity with the agency I'll be working with in a few months anyway or should I stay staff until I move? I should also add, the only thing keeping me at my staff job are the medical benefits.
  17. iwanttobethebest

    Stony Brook RN-BSN summer 2014

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone applied to the summer 2014 RN-BSN program at Stony Brook? If so any letters of acceptance yet? Do you know anyone currently in the program? I haven't seen a post about this as of yet.
  18. iwanttobethebest

    Helene Fuld program

    Im looking into going into the Helene Fuld NY program, is there anyone currently enrolled in the program that knows what the entrance process is like? The entrance exam and essay part. Preferably a student who is currently enrolled or recently graduated in the past few years? How was your experience there and how are the professors?
  19. iwanttobethebest

    I need Unitek LVN and ADN Program Details

    Is it worth the money though? I was doing some research and that seems to be the most accerlerated program for LVN-RN. Is there any other schools that you can complete in less than a year for LVN-RN? Does anyone know of anyone that graduated and passed there boards from there?
  20. iwanttobethebest

    The Final Word on IV Certification for LPNs

    2ndcareerchange if you dont mind me asking where in ct are you from, i know a couple people in the medical field adon and in administration, i could try to find out from them, i too am looking for an iv cert class, if you ever happen to find one let me know..and i'll ask around.
  21. I was looking online at different LVN to RN schools and was wondering has anyone applied to Unitek College or know anyone that has applied to and/or graduated from there? And also what are the other LVN-RN programs that require 1 year or less of schooling in California? Preferrably LA area but I am willing to travel. I am in desperate need of finding a school that wont take forever to complete, if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. Thank You
  22. iwanttobethebest

    LPN to RN programs California(LA area)

    I'm currently looking for LPN to RN programs in the LA area and most of the schools I have been looking at they require like 1 yr of pre-requisites and then to complete the actual program it takes 2yrs. Does anyone know of any schools that can be completed in a shorter time frame? Also how are the LPN jobs in California for someone who has experience(i.e.pay and benefits)?
  23. iwanttobethebest

    LVN jobs/salaries in Southern California

    Did you ever find a job as an LVN prtygrl? Im planning to move out there and all I;ve been reading about are people not being able to find jobs
  24. iwanttobethebest

    New Grad LVN found AWESOME JOB!

    wow that is great.Congratulations. I've been reading all these posts and all these LPNs are having trouble finding work is crazy. I plan on moving out to CA in a few months and wanted to know is the job market really that scarce
  25. iwanttobethebest

    New LPN looking for a job in NYC...

    what part of ny do you live in You should expand your search. Try nursing homes.Again if you can travel outside of manhattan there are places that will hire new grads