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  1. iwanttobethebest

    Helene Fuld program

    Im looking into going into the Helene Fuld NY program, is there anyone currently enrolled in the program that knows what the entrance process is like? The entrance exam and essay part. Preferably a student who is currently enrolled or recently graduated in the past few years? How was your experience there and how are the professors?
  2. iwanttobethebest

    I need Unitek LVN and ADN Program Details

    Is it worth the money though? I was doing some research and that seems to be the most accerlerated program for LVN-RN. Is there any other schools that you can complete in less than a year for LVN-RN? Does anyone know of anyone that graduated and passed there boards from there?
  3. iwanttobethebest

    The Final Word on IV Certification for LPNs

    2ndcareerchange if you dont mind me asking where in ct are you from, i know a couple people in the medical field adon and in administration, i could try to find out from them, i too am looking for an iv cert class, if you ever happen to find one let me know..and i'll ask around.
  4. I was looking online at different LVN to RN schools and was wondering has anyone applied to Unitek College or know anyone that has applied to and/or graduated from there? And also what are the other LVN-RN programs that require 1 year or less of schooling in California? Preferrably LA area but I am willing to travel. I am in desperate need of finding a school that wont take forever to complete, if anyone could help I'd really appreciate it. Thank You
  5. iwanttobethebest

    LPN to RN programs California(LA area)

    I'm currently looking for LPN to RN programs in the LA area and most of the schools I have been looking at they require like 1 yr of pre-requisites and then to complete the actual program it takes 2yrs. Does anyone know of any schools that can be completed in a shorter time frame? Also how are the LPN jobs in California for someone who has experience(i.e.pay and benefits)?
  6. iwanttobethebest

    LVN jobs/salaries in Southern California

    Did you ever find a job as an LVN prtygrl? Im planning to move out there and all I;ve been reading about are people not being able to find jobs
  7. iwanttobethebest

    New Grad LVN found AWESOME JOB!

    wow that is great.Congratulations. I've been reading all these posts and all these LPNs are having trouble finding work is crazy. I plan on moving out to CA in a few months and wanted to know is the job market really that scarce
  8. iwanttobethebest

    New LPN looking for a job in NYC...

    what part of ny do you live in You should expand your search. Try nursing homes.Again if you can travel outside of manhattan there are places that will hire new grads
  9. iwanttobethebest

    Where are LVN's being hired at in Los Angeles county, CA?

    hey i live in a different state and I am planning to move to California preferably near Los Angeles does anyone know of any LPN-RN schools that will take up to 15months to complete I have about a year of experience. And also how much do they start LPns in CA