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ChristopherMSN has 10 years experience and specializes in Operating Room.

U.S. Army Nurse Corps, CNOR

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  1. ChristopherMSN

    Anyone taken National Healthcare Disaster Certification?

    Did you find any study guides? I am looking for some as well.
  2. ChristopherMSN

    ANCC Nurse Executive Exam

    I have been a manager for 6 years. I will let you know how things go. I heard that this was a hard test... from another colleague.
  3. ChristopherMSN

    ANCC Nurse Executive Exam

    I bought the book and review course. I think the review course is a waste of time. It covers the same content as the book. I am due to take it on MAY 17th. Wishing for the best. I heard it was hard. Did you get your score? How close were you?
  4. ChristopherMSN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    Yes, that is what I did (went by the program handbook) . I thought it was fairly easy the second time around. I also bought this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0135043948/ Handbook of Informatics for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals (4th Edition) [Paperback] Which is an easy read. Honestly if you pay attention to that study group you should be 80 percent there. No sweat! Another tip. I recorded the study group. I called in via skype and used the sound recorder on my computer. I then listened to it later and uploaded it to my ipod so I could listen to it in the car/exercising. I hate to complain about the ANCC narrative review, but I thought it was awful. Good luck!
  5. ChristopherMSN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    I actually think the narrative review hurt more than helped me! The way the Life Cycle was presented was out of order and confusing. I left the test thinking "Nothing I studied was on the test?!" The study group material was very reflective of the exam. I don't think you have to wait until November. Take it in October. I took mine the morning after the last study group lecture. You are so close! By the way, since you failed the test, the study group should be free. Mine was. Thanks,
  6. ChristopherMSN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    Thanks.. to clarify the course that I recommend is Informatics Nursing Study Group Speakers: Marisa L. Wilson DNSc, MHSc, RN-BC Not the ANCC Seminar offered by Miriam Halimi! The study group should give you 80 percent of the test. The rest you already know from work experience.
  7. ChristopherMSN

    Failed the ANCC NI Certification... Now What?

    I just wanted to tell everyone that I retook the exam on June 20th and passed! Despite failing the first time, I didn't think the exam was that hard. The ANCC Study group was very beneficial and truly represented a good portion of the test. I would recommend it over anything out there. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement.