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  1. Cocaine in breastmilk?

    I have always known breastfeeding to be contraindicated in mothers who use cocaine. Here is what I found in Gomella: Neonatology; Management, Procedures, On-Call Problems, Diseases, and Drugs. 6th ed. Cocaine: Contraindicated. Cocaine intoxication i...
  2. High Frequency Jet Vent?

    Typically- the Jet is the preferred mode of ventilation for air leak syndrome (PIE for example). It is also preferred over HFOV if hypercarbia is the problem, HFOV being the method of choice if you have problems w/oxygenation as you see w/ meconium ...
  3. need help w/nursing theorists for Master's thesis

    Thanks for the reply. I am having issues w/identifying a theory. I feel most theories do not apply to neonates. For example: Orem (self caring): neonates don't care for themselves.... Any theories that come to mind dealing specifically w/neonates?
  4. need help w/nursing theorists for Master's thesis

    I am in a graduate program and need to incorporate a nursing theory into my thesis. My thesis is very medical/scientific related so I am having an extremely difficult time with this. My topic relates to the preemie population, specifically early nu...
  5. Philly BSN grad: no jobs - wait it out or relocate?

    Hi, I understand your frustration. It is hard even for those with significant experience. I wouldn't recommend relocating to Texas or any southern area. It is very different from the Northeast. I close friend moved to Texas a year ago because her...
  6. Dual UVC catherter

    We run TPN through both lines. Our pharmacy sends us two syringes and we simply split our TFL between the 2 lines. TFL = 1ml/hr, we run 0.5 and 0.5
  7. Drexel NP programs

    Jeff will allow you to take core courses which will count toward a number of MSN specialty programes as a non-matriculated student. I believe you can take 6 credits as a non-matriculated student there as long as you have a BSN. No GRE's required if...
  8. Cribnotes or Neodata

    Hello to all, I would like to hear from anyone who is working with/worked with the Cribnotes or Neodata NICU specific clinical documentation systems. Anything you would like to share: complaints or anything positive. Also, anyone who is an informat...
  9. 5 babies die in India hospital

    I just saw this on CNN, such a sad story which could have been prevented.
  10. resign

    Hello, Sorry to hear about your situation. I really can't understand why, if the MD was really worried what the sats were, she could have done a good objective assessment by the kid's color. Was he cyanotic? cyanotic crying? tacypneic, retracting, ...
  11. NICU RN to CRNA?

    MHP483, Hi, I am also interested in a transport team position like yours. Where do you work? Are you an NNP? How much NICU exp. did you need for your position? Can you PM me?
  12. Is anyone else having a problem finding a job in Philadelphia?

    Hi, Have you tried any other places like Lehigh Valley or St. Luke's? I hear they both have great training programs for new grads. Are you only appling for a certain shift or specialty? When applying for jobs, I usually follow up with a phone call...
  13. clinical research coordinator

    Hi, I am looking for anyone with any info on what the salary range would be for a clinical research coordinator position in a large level 1 trauma center in the Northeast. I have searched other posts on what exactly the job entails and think this is...
  14. Anyone from the Lehigh Valley area?

    mummer 43, I couldn't agree with you more. This is why I only work in Philly. I also think you are getting a better job experience overall, you see alot more down there. Everyone thinks I am nuts, but I actually make $25/per hour more than I would ma...
  15. Sites for PICC preceptorship

    Hello Philly 22, I am also eager in learning how to place PICC's. I am in PA as well. Does your hospital pay you as a regular staff RN or do you get extra $ for each PICC you place? How many PICC's do you place per day? Do you work 8's or 12's?