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  1. BluebellRN


    When do your students start carrying their meter instead of leaving it in the clinic?
  2. BluebellRN

    Liberty University BSN to DNP

    Just wondering if anyone is attending or has attended? Thoughts on the program? Thanks!
  3. BluebellRN

    PARENTS say the darndest things

    This morning, sent kid home with true fever. Grandma just called to say she gave him tylenol, he's feeling much better, can he come back?? Yeah, no. See ya Monday kid!
  4. BluebellRN

    buying supplies with your own money

    When I created an account last spring, I selected "Other" for profession, and was able to specify "school nurse". I just logged in and "nurse" is an option under profession, so I changed mine. Have you tried to create an account recently?
  5. BluebellRN

    What Would You Buy??

    Found out that the PTO has $200 for me to spend on whatever I need/want for the clinic. Have to get them my Amazon wishlist by the end of the month. I have a few things in mind, mostly underwear and socks to restock my clothes closet, but I'm only at $80. District already provides the medical stuff. Give me some ideas so I can spend this cash!
  6. BluebellRN

    Break Plans?

    Well, the last bell has rung here and I'm RUNNING out the door! It's been fun reading about everyone's plans. Safe travels to all of us on the move, here's hoping we all get some much deserved rest and spending time with loved ones! Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year's!!
  7. BluebellRN

    Break Plans?

    I didn't realize so many schools aren't doing two weeks. That sucks!! Although, we're scheduled into June. For some reason, we never get out in May.
  8. BluebellRN


    Poor kid! That's awful!
  9. BluebellRN

    Break Plans?

    For those of us still here, anyone have fun plans for break? We are traveling to visit my family, which we usually do during Thanksgiving but my husband wanted to switch things up this year. Sadly we can only stay three days because of his work schedule. I'm a Bears fan, my cousin's husband is a Vikings fan. I'm excited to tease him, payback for the last few years. Other than that? Sleep, eat, repeat for me until Jan 7th!
  10. BluebellRN


    Enjoy! Tomorrow is a full day, and then 16 glorious days off!
  11. BluebellRN

    Need to vent and process this

    I've not had to call, yet. But EMS were the same way when I worked LTC.
  12. BluebellRN

    The Big Chill

    Much like a band aid, sometimes they just need *something* for that injury so they can stay in class. It's not worth the fight to me.
  13. BluebellRN

    May the odds be ever in your favor...

    If today is an indicator, this is going to be a very long week. 4 more wake ups. 4 more wake ups. 4 more wake ups.
  14. BluebellRN

    Feminine Hygiene for 4th Grade?

    Kotex emailed me back; they don't do samples but do have puberty education material on their website. Haven't heard from the other yet.
  15. BluebellRN

    Feminine Hygiene for 4th Grade?

    I just emailed them, thanks for the info! I also searched the Kotex site. Couldn't get the sample page to load, but I send them a message asking about samples for schools.