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BluebellRN has 17 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. BluebellRN

    VCU FNP Fall 2021

    I completed my application a couple of weeks ago, as they extended the deadline. Any other recent applicants out there?
  2. BluebellRN

    Whatcha Know about Flo (Florence Nightingale)?

    I'm shocked this was posted to facebook. New Zealand decided in 2020 to not celebrate Florence. We need to leave her in the past and look forward. Nursing is better than a Victorian bigot.
  3. I'm finishing up my first semester now. Pharmacology with Dr E is wonderful! He's easy to reach and responds to emails. Very engaging and tough. I've learned so much in his course. Patho is BAD, as in they don't teach the course. I feel disappo...
  4. BluebellRN

    Bad day, Bad year

    No, I was the front car and stopped at the time and was rear ended. But thanks for asking?
  5. BluebellRN

    Bad day, Bad year

    Sad update; our little one passed away last night. He went into cardiac arrest. As sad as it is, I'm relieved his parents didn't have to make a decision. Then I was in a car accident this morning. Thankfully no one was hurt. I was the front car of a...
  6. BluebellRN


    It gets better!! Hang in there and let us know how it's going 😃
  7. BluebellRN

    Welcome back, y'all!

    Hey! Summer was way too short. I loved every last second of it! Hope everyone is having a good start, and staying cool!
  8. BluebellRN

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Congratulations! Your experience and contributions on this board have helped many a school nurse; I know you've helped me. Best wishes in the next chapter!!
  9. BluebellRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Hmm, I hadn't heard of those but nice to know they are a thing. In this case, it wasn't the case. I did indeed call mom who confirmed the student is keeping her healthy appendix.
  10. BluebellRN

    I'll miss you all, but...

    I'm so sorry! It sounds like you're making a good choice to get out of that situation and away from that admin. But you will be missed. I always enjoyed reading your posts. Best wishes on your journey ahead!!
  11. BluebellRN

    How many Male School Nurses are out there!

    Not male, but there's one in my district and we're in VA 😁
  12. BluebellRN

    C'Mon Now!

    Student has been telling her teachers that she's having her appendix out Sunday. Teacher stands in my clinic, with the student, wanting me to call mom this very second to verify student is not scheduled for an appendectomy on Sunday. The student who ...
  13. BluebellRN

    Another new school nurse

    LIKES: The hours and schedule are SWEET! Summer break, two weeks off at Xmas, no weekends, 7 hour workdays, never having to hide my drink from state inspectors. The kids are the best though; even on a bad day they are the reason I keep coming back. ...
  14. BluebellRN

    Happy School Nurse Day!

    One of my kinder classes just dropped off cards, each kid colored a wrote a note to me. Someone is cutting onions in here today...
  15. BluebellRN

    Do You Remember...

    My closet is the opposite, I can't get enough girl's pants! I'm finally restocked on boys, although I can never keep enough of either to keep up with PreK. I've spent way too much of my own money this year on underwear and pants. I'm done and put it...