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  1. First go to the site and learn about the hospital,(are they magnet), what is their on going research, mission statement (this on is huge) read it, memorize it, apply it to the questions they give you. You should expect the general "tell us about yourself, do you have any weakness, how do you feeling about working with this population". When I interview for my job, they were just awarded one of the top 50 best hospitals in the U.S and I went to their site and found out the person interviewing me (the unit manager), was one of the first nurses to graduate from the new DNP program at our local university. So of course I congratulated her for her achievement and talked how it was important to me to work for a hospital that values nurse and seeing that they are Magnet recognized, assured me they are. Rememeber, it's also an interview for them too. Ask questions! Opportunities, pay raises, nurse turn over rates. They want to know you have done your research on them too! Be passionate, tell the truth and you'll get it!
  2. TinFL

    New Grad- ER Position

    I agree, don't pass it up. If they want you, it means they are willing to under take a new grad meaning the extra teaching and so on. TAKE IT!!! So many us would LOVE to start out in a specialty area! Congrats!
  3. TinFL

    Help! New Grad-New state-No job!

    I suggest giving it more time. I also graduated in Dec with my BSN and just found a job. I applied for unemployment to help with student loans and bills. I am from the Bay area, Martinez but in live in Florida now. I would say go in and drop off your resume in person, attend every job fair even if hospitals/LTC facilities aren't on the list. Contact the local Work Force. My states also issues a 1 year license to new nurses, it's not a big deal. When filling out job applications, I was told, if I learned, saw or performed the task, to select that I had experience. We all have at least one year of med surg experience just from clinicals. I do agree, if you can work on the BSN. It's worth the money in the long run. Do you have your california state drivers license? I know, that in my state if you have a RN license then you can't work as a CNA. Hope this helps. Don't give up!
  4. So I took the test on a thursday and they called my at 9am friday saying I passed. Then about 10 mins later the unit manager called and asked when I could interview. WOW! Fast! I interviewed that day and got the job. I am working Med Surg PRN. I do have nursing orientation and time with a preceptor. I am cool with the PRN job, my hubby carries the insurance. So this is my foot in the door. The unit supervisor also told me that I could apply for a full time position in 90days and that if one comes up, PRN RN's are offered them first. I am just happy to get this first dreaded "1 year min of med surg experience" out of the way. The test was like taking the NCLEX all over again. It was 54 questions on just med surg and another 54 questions on medication. The unit supervisor said they have a test for every speacilty, so if I go L&D, i'll have to take another one.