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johnwaynehair has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. johnwaynehair

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    Yup. It was a "make your own corn bar" thing, with spices and mayo. I'm on a low carb diet, so didn't partake. I work night/weekends, so I miss out on all the other events during the week like breakfasts, lunches, etc.
  2. johnwaynehair

    Nurse's Week Gifts from Employers

    We got a cup of corn!
  3. johnwaynehair

    Words of wisdom for a new grad starting in the ICU?

    1) Eat when you can, pee when you can, sleep when you can. 2) Keep your eyes and ears open, and take whatever lessons you can where you find them. 3) Don't let a senior nurse bully you into doing something you are unqualified to do (I cardioverted a ...
  4. johnwaynehair

    How important is it to get a nurse tech job?

    Relating tech experience to nursing is like relating unarmed security guard experience to police work--some similar duties, but not the same field of practice or expertise. I had no previous health-care experience (other than basic first-aid), was a ...
  5. johnwaynehair

    Soon-2-be new grad hoping to move to San Antonio

    It's mostly new grads, but there are occasionally some RN's with no hospital experience allowed in. Can't say what the next class size is...just give them a shout and see if you can get in--nothing ventured.....Good luck! John
  6. johnwaynehair

    Soon-2-be new grad hoping to move to San Antonio

    My hospital system, Christus Santa Rosa, has a Versant intern program for GNs/new RNs; We have a couple of new RNs on my ICU, and they seem to enjoy the program...I'm signed up to be a mentor f...
  7. johnwaynehair

    San Antonio Pulmonologists Recomendation needed

    Marc Chalaby is a great adult with him alot.
  8. johnwaynehair

    Who pronounces the death?

    Concurr c Mianders; usually the MD writes an order "RN to pronounce" for the DNR pts. 2 RNs will palpate/auscultate for pulses; auscultate for respirations, confirm EKG asystole, call time of death, and document. If pt is vented then the MD must orde...
  9. johnwaynehair

    T-shirt slogan for Intensive Care

    We work hard, so you don't have to! My favorite tongue in cheek: Keep 'em alive 'till seven-oh-five (I'm on nights)
  10. johnwaynehair

    Student starting ICU rotations

    Welcome to the ICU...Hemodynamics is a good first place to start. When I went through my Critical Care rotation, our instructor had us look at all the meds our patient was receiving and break down the route, reason for administration, side effects, e...
  11. johnwaynehair

    The worst or strangest orders you have seen...

    For a 500# pt: Arrange for transport to SeaWorld for MRI...SeaWorld declined, stating they would not examine a human. For a pt that tried to disempact her bowel with the fork from her dinner tray (perfed herself, too): Only plastic spoons on meal tra...
  12. Talk to Canadian nurses working here about how their healthcare system is not what it's cracked up to be...things like having to wait for months for imaging (there are more MRI's and CT's in my hometown of San Antonio than are in the entire nation of...
  13. johnwaynehair

    I am missing Texas- want to move back!! Ideas?

    Fredericksburg in the Hill Country has a community hospital that is always looking for nurses...
  14. johnwaynehair

    quick scope question

    From Wikipedia: Maurice Rappaport and Howard Sprague designed a new stethoscope in the 1940's which became the standard by which other stethoscopes are measured. The Rappaport-Sprague was later made byHewlett-Packard, later Philips, and today there a...
  15. johnwaynehair

    Tricks to remember things

    I use "salt and pepper; lettuce and tomato, with a burger in the middle"