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2+years as a LD nurse making plans to travel

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  1. msprisz.rn

    midwife/NP problem (kinda long)

    In my experience I have D/C pt home with Ambien but they had to have someone with they on D/C, to drive them home. I have also called in Rx for pets as well. It's unfortunate that your manager did not address the issue.
  2. msprisz.rn

    Any thoughts on RN NETWORK? New traveler here!

    I've been with RN network for about a year and I love it. My recruiter gets me to the places I want to go and whenever I have a problem they take care of it in a timely manner. The pay is a little more on some assignments or the same. The housing that they provide is nice as well. Hope this helps.
  3. msprisz.rn


    I've been traveling for about a year now and every assignment I've been on have treated me fairly. But there are some nurses that may not like the fact your making more money or just simply unhappy people. And the way I see it I'm only there for a few months and I do not have to deal with them for long. But like I said most of the staff have been great to me but you may have a few that you just have to ignore.
  4. msprisz.rn

    To stipend or not to stipend?

    Thanks for the websites. Im currently on assignment in FL and decided to take stipen. and I'm living in an extended stay hotel and it's not that bad. I guess it's all about what your preference is.
  5. msprisz.rn

    Housing Issues

    I'm so sorry that this has happened to you..I hope that your agency is funding the hotel for you. I arrived to my very first assignment this past weekend. Not only was my start date moved back for next week but there was no furniture in my apartment when I arrived. I was SOO :devil:mad and frustrated and thinking what have I gotten myself into. I took a few breaths..well alot of breaths:eek:...and called my recruiter and explain to her what happened and asked if this what I should expect from this agency? After making several calls she had the movers there with my furniture in a few hours. And I have a whole week to site see and relax before I start. I will use this as a lesson learned on what to have done before I even gas up the car. I hope that your assignment gets better! And just take a breath and try to relax...and explain to your recruiter your concerns.:)
  6. msprisz.rn

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Hey I'm 27yrs old and I'm also on my first travel assignment in Virginia and so far so good. I've meet other travels that say Virginia, California, and Texas and awesome places to go. I was having a hard time adjusting but I had to tell myself that this is a chance of a lifetime and I had to make the best of it!! Good luck with your travels!!!