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  1. guest478081

    Feel like giving up

    I’m sorry for your situation. If all this is true I would just try to take a LOA. careplans are the most pointless thing in nursing school and the ability to perform on them has no bearing on future ability of being a nurse. They are an utter waste of time. Do what you feel you need to do to pass. What they exactly is I do not know since I do not know your situation. careplans are dumb just do the minimum to pass the program so you can start working. Do you have a SO that helps?
  2. guest478081

    Acute Care NP Schedule?

    Yeah the idea of instant six figures with a mommy 9-4 job is unrealistic in most fields of Np
  3. NE Tennessee hospitals need nurses pretty bad. Ballad system I travel around but focus on mostly southeast and was there for a stent. Traveler rn on all units so they hiring JC KP Bristol area
  4. guest478081

    Hostile Learning Environment

    No it’s just the reality of how it was. Browsing these forums seems to make it sound as it’s often the norm in UG nursing. Graduate nursing school (anesthesia) was much better
  5. guest478081

    I’m so over Nursing School

    It’s ok once your done it will feel better. Never experienced anything as annoying and silly as undergraduate nursing education. Somehow they make it time consuming without adding in desirable difficulty.
  6. guest478081

    Hostile Learning Environment

    Undergraduate nursing yuck. Take it to the dean as an entire class if it gets out of hand. Never met such a bunch of crotchety old sag bags as my UG nursing instructors were. conglomerate thr entire class. Go to dean first. Keep everything in writing. Sign it all. Then go up the ladder. Most UG nursing instructors are borderline MR so don’t take their threats seriously but stay as a group and fight them up the chain of command. And don’t let those rust buckets win. They are just fat and ugly And probably want to feel powerful by harassing students
  7. guest478081

    Question about hospital privileges

    Is OP getting hospital privileges mixed up with hospital experience? I have heard of some hospitals wanting prior hospital experience prior to allowing privileges but even that is a stretch or have they had a bad experience with np in past?
  8. guest478081

    I'm Just The Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    Nursing has the biggest inferiority complex I’ve ever see. Idk what it is about nurses but they always have to seem to justify what they are what they do for self actualization. Maybe I think it’s silly since I’ve been in anesthesia for like almost a decade but even when I was an RN I never felt the need to promote my role
  9. guest478081

    Should I let my nursing license expire in medical school

    May as well keep it. If you had an aprn license then went back to med school I might think otherwise. At least once 3/4 year start. I say aprn since in the rare case your attending gets litigated they might drag you into it
  10. guest478081

    Medical schools now adding "fluff"

  11. guest478081

    Medical schools now adding "fluff"

    You do know DO school is med school right? DO learn the same as MD and can practice In all specialties. It’s essentially the same thing. why don’t you copy paste the article for us if you want us to read it so badly. tuxDO as in all his or her other posts has not been inflammatory at all. you just don’t like doctors and it shows all over. the difference is the fluff is added on top of med school curriculum. It doesn’t replace the already limited amount of actual science in many NP schools. Med school is so comprehensive you can actually have time to add in some things without the expensive of education on science and medicine. NP school is already abbreviated too much. source- any school curriculum listed online
  12. guest478081

    HUGE step forward for NP's!!!

    Look harder. By referring too much they do not know when to refer. I don’t think any one here is against fpa laws because the current laws are just dumb and don’t really do anything anyway. A lot of docs even want fpa since they are tired of signing midlevel charts and don’t want the liability. Kaiser has been replacing docs with midlevels look at their clinics. NP education is by a large a joke and most people here agree with that notion.
  13. guest478081

    Med/Surg to ICU - Need Advice

    Move to some part of the country dying for nurses work a year or two then go back to where you want to be
  14. guest478081

    HUGE step forward for NP's!!!

    Cooking is easy doesn’t mean I’m good at it right? its embarrassing for nursing to come in and say XYZ medical profession is easy. Hence why public sometimes doesn’t take us seriously
  15. guest478081

    HUGE step forward for NP's!!!

    It’s basic to those who do not know what they do not know kaiser in cali has started to replace NPs with physicians in primary care since they are essentially using the quality of care model. The midlevels referees too much stuff that should have been easy to handle by a primary to specialists thus wasting money and time. Much of primary care is basic basic but often midlevels don’t even know who to refer patients too much less properly handle things they should be able to in primary care. Im not against FPA, but the way midlevels are trained leans them to being more useful with working with specialty physicians. The requirement of broad knowledge is not gained in a 1.5 year program that NPs go through. They at least need residencies. Primary care seems easy bc it’s hard to outright kill someone but badness Over time is just as dangerous to a community. FM and IM docs are some of the most sought out specialties in medicine by recruiters. There is a reason they aren’t just filling all of these spots with MLP. OFTEN places have dozens of openings for primary care physicians but none for midlevels. Patients want doctors often times and recruitment demand reinforces this notion
  16. guest478081

    PAs in Anesthesia

    Won’t be come a big thing in our careers

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