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  1. Joie_de_vivre

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    To sea-of-roses, Hello, don't be discouraged. I felt the same way in the beginning- I was very unsure about what LIU needed me to take and where I stood in their program. However, after setting up a meeting with one of the Nursing Academic Advisors, and actually going to the school in person to speak with them- everything changed. They are so much more helpful when you make the effort to visit them and tell them your story. Afterall, that's what academic advisors are there for, to guide and give you advice about which route to take inorder to obtain your degree. It's normal to feel frustrated... and when you are on that train ride to Brooklyn, you will get goosebumps because you are actually making things happen! Go for it, and good luck!
  2. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    haha, you're answer is good enough for me! Thanks again:yeah:
  3. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    Heyy Paco, yes, you are very helpful as always! So what about applicants who werent waitlisted, those that got denied or accepted right away? would u say February being the latest? Thank you again :))
  4. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    has everyone from the accelerated program been notified? the ones waiting, did you all apply to the two year program? Im just wondering what's the latest SB SON notifies the students that applied for the accelerated program. If anyone can answer this, I'd really appreciate it
  5. Joie_de_vivre

    FAFSA: What is my grade level?

    Hello, this may be a little late, but for future applicants: you should put "working on 2nd bachelor degree (if it is a bachelor degree of course)" and grade level would be "5th year/other undegraduate". Although it may be your 1st year after your bachelor's degree, the program would not be considered "working on master's degree"- unless of course it is a master's degree program. I was a little confused myself, as I too have a BS from another school, and am working towards my BSN now. The financial aid office of one of the schools I have applied to, notified me of my mistake on my submitted fafsa. I had to correct both answers before they could proceed with my financial aid package. Furthermore, this website might help, it's an example of what I'm talking about: View "Application Process" http://www.luc.edu/finaid/specialprograms_absn.shtml hope this helps! when all else fails, just call the financial aid office of the school you are applying too...
  6. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    best of luck to you rubysasha, ill be in the same boat as you, next year. Stay positive and hopefull!!!
  7. Joie_de_vivre

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    LIU is about 900 and something per credit, and you need about 75-78 credits for the accelerated program, or 2 yr program (same amount of credits just longer time)... do the math its veryyy expensive, LiU has one of the highest tuitions in the 5 boroughs. BUT if thats the only school that will a) accept you b) may be the only school that is location wise accesable to you c) may be the only school that works with your schedule, etc etc, it may be the school for you. ive heard mixed reviews about the school itself, but i actually went in person the other day, and left with a completly different outlook about LIU! i was pleasantly surprised:) Nursing school at any school, is most of the time what you make out of it. If you are a good student and are dedicated to your studies and career, you will do fine. These schools can't all be "that bad", for some reason they are still open and running, ya know? Theres gotta be some good that comes out of it. As for malloy, honestly i dont know anything about them, all i know is that its in Long Island, and im suspectig it's a great school bc i've heard other people inquire about it. So bottom line is: focus in getting in to all the schools you are thinking about applying to... if you get in/when you get in: narrow down your choices by which school will be more convenient for you, your life style, your family, your financial situation, your geographic location, etc etc... hope this helps!! and goodluck :))
  8. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook BSN - Summer/Fall 2011 Applicants

    to those who didnt get in, hang in there, and congrats to those who did! Paco, ive been following your story, truly happy for you!!:clpty:
  9. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook Accelerated BSN class of 2013

    Hey all! Just wanted to lend my support to anyone else who is applying to SB next summer! It's a grueling process :-))
  10. Joie_de_vivre

    Hoping to Apply to Stony Brook's 12-Month Accelerated Program!

    Good luck Mindi :))
  11. Joie_de_vivre

    Stony Brook 2012 Hopeful...Need some help

    Tati, wishing you all the best!! Paco, you are so insightful - congrats on getting in!! I'm shooting for class of 2012 accelerated program :monkeydance::monkeydance::monkeydance:
  12. Joie_de_vivre

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    well, i wish u all the best, i know how it feels!
  13. Joie_de_vivre

    what have you heard about LIU nursing program?

    congrats to you! i got into the school as well, for fall of 2011. im planning om going to LIU day to check the campus out. are u? not fully convinced about this school... its incredibly hard to get anyone on the phone, let alone get a straight answer. i dont even think ill be enrolling. they just seem to want ur money. i guess they can do that when its the only bsn program that doesnt discourage working in the nyc area.
  14. Joie_de_vivre

    Sick and tired of the AAS BSN debate

    Awesome post Natingale!!!
  15. Joie_de_vivre

    Should I Be Scared of Getting an ADN in 2011?

    To PACO69, i'm in the same boat as you... at this point ive realized that I can ONLY for for my aas if I want to keep working full time. The only program in my area that will allow me to work and go to school part time for my BSN, is tooo expensive (LIU in brooklyn... 896.00 per credit- 66 credits= lots of money. i have undergrad loans from my BS degree that I will be paying for the next 20 yrs). So i plan to do the aas degree, then do the bsn either online or wherever life takes me. For now I have to stick to where I live and work, nyc- all the best to you:up: