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  1. Reimbursement Expenses for CM's who work at home.

    I work exclusively from home, and am paid for my internet service, $40 a month. It is exclusively telephonic.
  2. Returning to bedside after 11 years, advice please

    thanks for your responses. j464335, what unit did you return to, and how was interviewing? did you find you were accepted?
  3. Looking for any advice and encouragement. I worked med surg, pediatric respiratory, and PICU. Then got married and have been doing administrative work since/raising a family. I have been doing disease case management for the last 3 years. I am very b...
  4. I was a PICU nurse 10 years ago, and left to get married/have a family. I have been working as an RN case manager, so I still stayed in the loop as far as knew drugs, etc, but have not been at the bedside. In my heart, I really want to return. Do you...