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PennyMT has 6 years experience as a LPN and specializes in LPN.

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  1. PennyMT

    LPN to RN online only.

    Ezike, are they full online? How are Clinicals? Can they be completed in our states? I am in New Jersey.
  2. PennyMT

    LPN to RN online only.

    Anyone know of any LPN to RN programs that are online? I’ve looked into Indiana state but I don’t want to wait that long so was thinking of doing ASN first.
  3. PennyMT

    Miami health and science

    Hey all. I had a question regarding a college called Miami health and science. There is a program LpN to RN and was just wondering if anyone has heard about it or attending. It’s not accredited as of yet as it’s a newer school but apparently you can sit for your boards upon graduation. I’m just hesitant because I have not spoken to anyone there except for one person who is an LPN. So that threw me off.
  4. PennyMT

    Jersey College of nursing

    Hey I plan to start Feb, hows it going?
  5. PennyMT

    Indiana State Kaplan test

  6. PennyMT

    Indiana State Kaplan test

    Good afternoon everyone, I hope all of you are staying safe during this sad time. Anyway, I have been an LPN for 4+ years and am looking to apply to Indiana state LPN to BSN program. Transcripts all sent and now getting a head start studying for the Kaplan. For those of you who have attended or are currently attending, do you have any input on what material I should study? Books, websites, etc. Thank you!
  7. PennyMT

    Pregnant and graduating

    Hello. I am almost finished with the LPN program (7 weeks today left until graduation) and found out I am pregnant. Very early into the pregnancy (3 weeks). Anyway, I am in a state of panic. It wasn't planned. I am happy with the whole situation, except for the timing. I take the boards this July, and most likely will be applying for jobs the end of July (that being I pass - fingers crossed). Will I be able to find work pregnant? Do I need to tell them I am pregnant? Me and my boyfriend have been planning to find a place together over the summer, but now I am thinking to stay living with my mother and save until a little before the baby is born, so I can move out then. Is this all realistic? Anyone been in this situation? He lives with his brother, so moving in with him isn't an option. If I am mixing information, please ask, I am foggy-headed today. Thanks for listening.
  8. PennyMT

    New grad LPN pay in NJ

  9. PennyMT

    New grad LPN pay in NJ

    Thanks soon2bnurse! I definitely am! I am so excited. I'm ready to start my job searching!
  10. PennyMT

    LPN Traning is it hard? Any tips

    Yes, nursing school is hard. I am 1/2 way through the LPN program right now (graduating July 1st). Just study a lot. They will be sacrifices, but it'll be worth it all in the end. Keep telling yourself that you will not give up, because they'll be times you want to. Good luck to you! You'll be just fine :)
  11. PennyMT

    New grad LPN pay in NJ

    JustBeachy! Thanks! As I get closer to completing the program I am starting to search jobs and pay.
  12. PennyMT

    New grad LPN pay in NJ

    Thanks Sheila! I am in Central (Point/Brick) area, but I am moving more north (Monmouth County). That's great pay! I am half-way through school and starting to get ideas of what to expect. Thanks a bunch!
  13. PennyMT

    Feeling very dumb!!!:(

    I applied for the local LPN program as well. It is competitive, but if it's what you really want, go for it! It'll be worth it in the end.
  14. PennyMT

    New grad LPN pay in NJ

    :::BUMP::: Anyone?
  15. PennyMT

    New grad LPN pay in NJ

    Hey everyone! I am halfway through the LPN program (graduate July 1st). My question is, what pay should I expect as a new grad in NJ? Central area (Toms river/Brick area). Thanks :)
  16. Southernbell, I am in the same boat as you. I am in the second semester of the LPN program and start clinical a few weeks ago. We are doing assessments. My problem is I feel useless up against the CNA's because they are running circles around me and are familiar with everything, as everything is new to me. Hang in there, this is all learning. Keep in mind that the teachers know this.