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  1. futurenurse0115

    Just had to share!

    Congrats that is great to hear!!
  2. futurenurse0115

    Can a LVN draw blood without a blood withdrawal cert?

    Where I live (SC) you usually learn to draw blood in school or the employer trains you on the job so you can do it without a certification, but you have to have a certification for IVs. So you being a previous Medical Assistant I would think you would be able to before your certification! Congrats and good luck!
  3. futurenurse0115

    Medicine or Nursing?

    Have you considered becoming a nurse practitioner? You could achieve most the things you listed under becoming a doctor, but still work within the nursing module fulfilling your original dream career? I started out wanting to go to Medical School but after becoming more educated on nursing I have chosen to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  4. futurenurse0115

    Student Liability Insurance

    Thanks for the information everyone! I just got my acceptance letter yesterday, and will be getting a packet with all the information for the program in it this week so if I have any more questions after that I will let you know! Thanks again!
  5. futurenurse0115

    Got the call!!!

    Congratulations!! I just got my acceptance letter yesterday and it was an amazing feeling! I do not have any children but I have to say that I admire you for going to nursing school! This will be the best thing you could do for your family! Good Luck!:redbeathe
  6. futurenurse0115

    IM IN!!!! passed LPN test to PITC NURSING PROGRAM

    Congrats! I just got accepted into an LPN program today! Best feeling ever!
  7. futurenurse0115

    ECPI-Greenville, SC

    I agree that it is pricey, but the Community College here and in the surrounding area all stopped their LPN programs, so this is the only one with in an 1 1/2 hours of me! And I agree with the above poster, I need my LPN asap, not in 3 or 4 years. I figured I'll pay more now to make $15/hour after the next year or so vs making almost min. wage as a CNA for the next 3 years! Also if you are able to qualify for grants, that cuts the cost quite a bit too. But that is just for me and my situation, everyone is different! Good Luck to you both :-)
  8. futurenurse0115

    Student Liability Insurance

    Hi! I have recently applied to a LPN program where I live (I am sooooo excited!) and have read a lot of post on here where people suggest you have your own liability insurance. If I am accepted I was wondering where I could purchase this and what is the average cost? Any replies are appreciated it! Thanks!
  9. futurenurse0115

    ECPI-Greenville, SC

    Thanks so much for the reply! I really appreciate it. Its great to hear so many positive things about the program! I just went into the school this week and will be starting on May 9, I am so excited! I have worked full time as a CNA this past year so I have saved up enough money to not have to work while I am in school. I know it will be a hard year, but it will be worth it in the end. Where are you doing the RN program at at?
  10. I interviewed a psycologist for a paper in high school and she told me that MANY people from the medical community such as nurses, therapists even MDs have different mental illnesses (bi-polar, OCD, depression ect) and as long as they are well managed conditions they have no problems going to school and becoming nurses ect! So I would not worry, a lot of people out there have been on some sort of anti depressent or something in their lives! Good luck!
  11. futurenurse0115

    ECPI-Greenville, SC

    I was wondering if anyone on here has attended/is currently attending ECPI in Greenville, SC LPN program? I have started the admission process but would really like to here from some past student about what they thought about the program. Any information would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!