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Murse_1 has 7 years experience and specializes in MICU, Wound Care.

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  1. Murse_1

    Does anyone change their propofol tubing Q24h?

    The manufacturer has a vested interest in recommending more frequent tubing changes. I'm wondering what frequency the actual science/data say is necessary.
  2. It's a stupid question and I should know the answer to this by now. But can someone explain what the difference is between PG and HCHAPS? Thanks so much
  3. Hi -- I'm looking into an issue related to the schedule for changing propofol tubing. I know most facilities change their tubing Q12h, but I understand that a small number of hospitals only require Q24. Does anyone work at a facility where this is the case? I'd be very interested in seeing the protocol or learning more about the rationale behind extending the schedule to Q24. Thanks in advance..
  4. Murse_1

    RN salaries in North Carolina?

    Thanks, everyone, for the replies. I live in CT right now, which is high pay but high standard of living. Currently I make $33.40/hour -- new grad rate has increased to $28.50. (it sounds like a lot, but consider that my mortgage on a nice-ish 1500sf house is $2400/month). I had only been looking at Duke, but based on the responses, I'll check out UNC and the other area hospitals as well. Sounds like there's a real lot of variability -- I'll hope to catch HR on a good day :) Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm considering relocating to the Durham, NC area and was wondering if anyone familiar with that area would be willing to share what a normal hourly rate is for the area. I have 7 years of experience, mostly in critical care. Thanks so much! D

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