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  1. Univ of Arkansas Fayetteville LPN to BSN

    Yes, they help you get all set up with preceptors in your geographical area.
  2. Univ of Arkansas Fayetteville LPN to BSN

    Hey! sure :)
  3. Hey!! Has anyone attempted this program yet? I’ve been accepted for Fall 2020 and was looking for some feedback ?
  4. Davidson County Community LPN to ADN hybrid

    I'm taking it for the first time March 13. I feel so unprepared because I don't really know what to study I hope you do well!!
  5. Hi! I'm applying for admission for Fall 2017. Anyone else?
  6. Thank you!!! I will look for an ATI book! Are you still in school?
  7. Ahh that's gonna be my undoing as well!
  8. Thank you!! Do you know what they consider an acceptable score? I hope you get in this time around! It seems like they have changed how they do things now.
  9. Hi Everyone! I am attempting to get into Davidson CCC for fall 17 program. I have submitted all the previous work history, my transcripts, took the last placement test required. I'm just waiting to take my NACE exam. I am super nervous. This program ...
  10. NLN Nace ! Exam

    Thank you so much!!
  11. NACE

    Did anyone ever send any of the guides or resources they used?
  12. Top paying hospitals in NC ?

    As far as Ive heard Duke has terrible pay rates. I know a few people that I met in orientation that work at UNC and Wake Med. Im in the Ambulatory Care Clinic Float Pool as and LPN at UNC.
  13. Davidson LPN-RN 2015

    Hi! I am applying to Davidson for the Fall 2016 program. Just wondering what did everyone use to study for the NACE? And what points should I focus on? I have the general overview but I wanted to hear from people that already took the test. I plan on...
  14. I'm not in the program but I do have some questions for you if you don't mind. I finished getting my stuff together. I was just wondering what did you use to study for the NACE exam and what was your score. When I spoke to the lady today she said tha...
  15. LTC lack of reporting

    I'm happy to say I interviewed and my references and jobs are being checked at another LTC place!!! :)