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RNmom2g1b specializes in Med-Surg/ Skilled.

I am a mom of 3 and recently graduated in 2011, passed the NCLEX in june for my RN.

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  1. New Grad nurse @SNF...now on verge of quitting.

    I too am a new grad and just passed NCLEX in early summer. I was in a SNF from June 24th to sept 1st and had a very similar experience. I was full time days and really needed the hours but the load was heavy I had very little orientation and what l...
  2. freaking out about taking the nclex

    Try to eliminate answers by looking for key words a good example are words like ALWAYS or NEVER answers with these words are usually wrong also look for key words in the question such as FIRST or PRIORITY these key words can help at least eliminate h...
  3. Nurses Role in Pediatric Immunizations

    I meant on all nurses because it's required if we use all nurses for a paper in anyway we have to post it but I found it its under the articles tab
  4. I'm going to fail my Anatomy & Physiology lecture class...

    Try and find some of the information on you tube. It really helps! you would be surprised at how many credible videos there are on heart and lungs Gi, Gu , you name it! This has been my way of studying when my eyes couldn't take another page of rea...
  5. Drum Roll Please......

    As a fellow Nursing student Congrats!! I know how hard it is to get in. I am about to graduate next month it seems we spend so much time and energy on getting in then we can't wait to get out! lol If you are having a hard time and you are an audio v...
  6. "Good morning and congratulations on the new baby." The new parents look up at me with a beaming smile and a nod of the head. "I have a few things to go over with you and a consent form to sign for his hepatitis B shot." Their proud smiles quickly tu...
  7. Nurses Role in Pediatric Immunizations

    Does anyone know how and where I am supposed to post my term paper?
  8. Am I being realistic? Nursing school at 45?

    I am a second year nursing student graduating this may. The avrage age of our graduating class this year is 42. This includes a couple who decided to go back to school together at ages56 and 57 they are very good students and extreemly happy with t...
  9. I am in my final semester of the nursing program for my associates Rn. I need to write a persuasive paper on a current nursing issue. I am trying to argue that nurses should be more educated on the possible adverse effects of immunizations and some s...