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  1. trevor05

    I pity myself for being unemployed....

    This too shall pass...
  2. trevor05

    manila medical center

    I happened to be there last week and am not sure if they are hiring ..however, you can still submit your resume together with a copy of your PRC ID and board rating at the HR dept. Put it in either a Long brown envelope or folder then just leave it in a designated file folder box outside the HR office.
  3. trevor05

    I pity myself for being unemployed....

    thank you 10924RN.. knowing that someone goes through the same way like I do, keeps me going.. it makes me more strong willed.. and determined.. thank you for the friendship! ;D Goodluck and God bless us!
  4. trevor05

    I pity myself for being unemployed....

    @10924RN Well, I guess, didn't get the job. I didnt receive correspondence from the hospital after that interview.. :'( Sad, but I have to accept it and move on with my never ending job hunting.. "if one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again..."
  5. trevor05

    Work work , where are you?? _passer since 2007

    well, we all share the same sentiment, experience, and frustrations as well.. that after passing the local board exam and other foreign nursing exams, after attending every seminar and training there is, after being fed up to the so-called volunteerism in hospitals, and after the never-ending job searching, still all of these were futile.. we still belong to the roster of unemployed nurses. we should not give up, instead let us persevere more. giving up should never cross our mind. hardwork, perseverance and determination will lead us through our goal. let me share this text message i received from a friend: "nothing in this life is ever easy. sometimes, even after doing our very best, still we end up pretty short. but always remember, effort only releases its full rewards after one refuses to give up."
  6. trevor05

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    I do hope that those nurses who will successfully complete the RN Heals Project will be considered in Staff Nurse posts among government health facilities. That was not the case for some who completed the Project NARS. I happened to be included in the 2nd batch of Project NARS. And guess what, when I tried to apply in a hospital specializing in kidney transplant somewhere in Quezon City, which is amongst the DOH-retained hospitals, I was informed that they are not considering the Project NARS as employment experience, because according to the guy at the HR office, "wala kasi kayong direct employer dun eh"
  7. 1. what are the materials that you used? sunders comprehensive nclex-rn review and saunders q&a -- the best review books i have read! 2. how many hours per day did you study? not a joke, but i reviewed 8hours a day! how many questions did u answer per day? it depends on the drills that i took. i suggest that you try using the q&a review software included in the books. 3. how many days or months in total you studied before taking the exam? 4 months 4. what are the specific strategies that you used or the the test taking skills you applied during the exam? do not be in a haste when answering the questions, you must read the question carefully, taking note of the keywords that will lead you to choosing for the best answer, (i mean best answer because most of the choices can be the answer to the question). 5. take one or take two? took it once.. i completed the exam on the 75th question.
  8. trevor05

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    It's an online application, so you can apply anytime..:) I waited till 12am of January 17, just to be sure I am amongst the first ones to have registered online!
  9. trevor05

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    That one was an answered prayer!!!
  10. trevor05

    I pity myself for being unemployed....

    Thank you guys for those encouraging words! :) Suddenly, I came to my senses by just reading what you have posted, I realized that instead of feeling sorry for myself I should start striving more and persevere even more. Pitying myself would not land me any job at all.. But hardwork will. I started hospital-hopping last week, I submitted résumé to each and every hospital which accepts application. And I received a correspondence from one hospital just this morning and I was asked to report to them for my exam. I took the exam and I will be having my interview tomorrow. Hope I will pass the exam and the interview.. Please pray with me. :) Again, Thanks to you guys, you are all very much appreciated.
  11. I pity myself for being unemployed. I didnt know what prompted me to browse through my facebook friends' profile, because i dont usually do that. I am not an avid fb user by the way, probably because i dont have internet connection at home. I was so surprised to know that a lot of my friends, ex-classmates, and including those i met when i did some volunteer works and training in numerous hospitals, all are currently working. I just realized how i have been left behind. I am '07 graduate and NLE passer. I also passed the NCLEX-RN and CGFNS qualifying exam the next year. I attended every seminar there is, and worked as volunteer nurse in 2 separate public hospitals in pampanga and bulacan. And after all those exams, trainings and years of job searching (i mean years.. 3 years to be exact), still i didnt land any job. I guess I wasnt lucky enough. I tried to submit an application to every hospitals I knew were hiring, but all my efforts were futile. I am aware that the system of "who-you-know" far outweighs "what-you-know" in application for any type of work. I dont despise those applicants using 'backer/s' or utilizing any connections they have, because I would likewise resort to them given the chance that I have them. I had an unfortunate experience in the course of my job hunting, in one hospital in Manila my application was rejected because I am already 28 years old, they are only accepting applicants not more than 25 years old. I also tried applying in BPO's, but i think working in call centers is not my cup of tea. This year I want to be optimistic. Its a fresh start to be positive. I would never lose hope, I would still try and try and try and try. Best of Luck to all who share the same sentiments! God bless us all! :)
  12. anyone there? i am interested in applying to CHMC.. kindly please help me with the directions going there, from MRT North ave.. tnx! :0
  13. trevor05

    share your NLE scores

    Mine is 83.8% ( 89-83-84-83-80 ) Well, that is something i should be proud of... however those scores didnt land me any job.. im still unemployed after passing the 07 nle...