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  1. Graduate-PN

    Testing out of a class

    I'm sure you're correct...it was just strange, the woman told me it would be $40.00 for the test and then called a week later and said, the price went up to $50.00 (which I guess is understandable) and there was the other charge of $30.00. O'well, I guess it's better than having to take the class and pay for the semester.
  2. Graduate-PN

    Testing out of a class

    I am starting an RN, BSN program in the fall of 2011 and I am able to try to test out of some class since I am now an LPN. The only problem is the school is charging me $50.00 to take the test (which I have no problems doing), but then they said I also have to pay a fee to the testing center they are getting the test from, which is another $30.00 and this will have to be paid directly to the testing center. I thought when you test out of a class, you pay the school and then with whatever money the school charges, they pay the testing centers. I feel like I may be being charged twice for the same thing? I may also be wrong, but I would love to hear others input on this.
  3. Graduate-PN

    Full-time weekend shifts - LPN

    I am a recent PN graduate and am taking NCLEX the end of the month. I am also returning to school for my RN, BSN in the fall. I will be attending school full-time during the week and, as a single mom, need to also work full-time. I needed to know if anyone could help me with what hours I can schedule on the weekends that would be considered full-time.
  4. Graduate-PN

    NLN A&P Test Out

    Has anyone ever taken the NLN A&P test to test out of A&P before entering an RN Program. I am a graduate PN and I have taken A&P this past year, but it was a combined class and the RN school I have been accepted to will not accept these credits because it was a combined class. They recommended I take the NLN A&P test to test out of the class. I have been studying for weeks now, hoping I am not studying the wrong material. Can anyone give me any advice on what is on this test...obviously not questions or answers, but I just want to make sure I am not over studying..P.S. I am taking NCLEX-PN shortly, so I need to also concentrate more time studying for this...any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!