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Full-time weekend shifts - LPN

I am a recent PN graduate and am taking NCLEX the end of the month. I am also returning to school for my RN, BSN in the fall. I will be attending school full-time during the week and, as a single mom, need to also work full-time. I needed to know if anyone could help me with what hours I can schedule on the weekends that would be considered full-time.

canchaser, BSN, RN

Specializes in ICU.

3- 12 hour shifts is one idea as long as 36 hours is full time.

When I was a LPN, I worked 16 hours on sat and Sunday, then an 8 Hr on Monday. This equaled 40 hours. See what your new employer says.

Depends on your childcare situation, but overnight friday, saturday, and sunday would be 3 12 hour shifts.


Specializes in LTC/Rehab,Med/Surg, OB/GYN, Ortho, Neuro.

Some hospitals and LTC facilities utilize a Baylor program. Work 16hrs Sat and Sun but get paid for 40. If you miss a shift on the weekend, you don't get the whole 40hrs. Know lots of nurses that work this.


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