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  1. Ebel

    Concierge Nursing Services

    Not sure if at home dressing change order or medication order given to the pt. upon discharge can be used by the nurse. I emailed the BON but haven't received a response yet.
  2. Ebel

    Concierge Nursing Services

    It is similar to private duty nursing with the added benefit of the concierge service for the pt. Services like providing food either by ordering or making it at home, scheduling any other service the client may need or even accompanying a client on an airplane trip. It's really going to be tailored for high clienteles.
  3. I am thinking of starting a concierge nursing services in California and I wanted to know if I can legally own this type of business. The nurses will be providing nursing care to pt's. at their home or hotel room. The services will include pt. transportation to their home post hospital/clinic discharge, wound check/care, overnight stay, medication pick-up, helping with bathing, ensuring adequate nutrition, communication with pt's care team regarding pt's progress. This is not a home care agency as we will not diagnose, prescribe medication or initiate care plans. The service is intended for short duration from few hours to few days. This is the alleviate the stress, anxiety or fear families face after their loved one has been discharged from the hospital after a surgery or illness. The transition period is often very scary and that's where we come in. I anticipate that the majority of the clienteles will be post-op including but not limited to plastic surgery or post-partum. No insurance payment will be accepted but I live in a affluent area so I don't think that out of pocket payment will be an issue in my community. Any advice will be high recommended. Thank you.
  4. I would like to know if their are any RN programs in Los Angeles, CA that does not require prerequisite. I like Westcoast University program because the prerequisite is included into the program but too expensive for our budget.