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litepath2 has 12 years experience and specializes in ICU/Burn ICU/MSICU/NeuroICU.

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  1. Sure. I'm bothered. Kids are some of the toughest creatures on earth. And they are precious to me. <-Another reason I don't want to see them masked if they don't need to be. If they need masking or not is a matter of opinion (and perhaps...
  2. In case you missed it, I left nursing after having the choice of firing or taking the H1N1 shot back in '09. So, no COVID kids for me. Your smug-point is well noted. I don't know if you've noticed, but I try and step around using pronouns when ...
  3. Good Link. Not sure what it would take (truly!). But I do know we haven't even begun to reach any kind of a threshold for me to want to mask children. Case #'s don't bother me.
  4. Personally I don't believe kids should be masked at all. But I do believe that an MD or whoever is charged in a given duty, has a duty to follow guidelines that are spelled out and they agreed to to be licensed. If on the other hand it's a judge...
  5. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    For those interested in such things. . . came Online today (I was monitoring). Also, the FDA approval Doc/pdf defines all the testing required going fwd.
  6. Where do you go when you don't trust official data sources?

    You think you/me/we got it so bad? How about the general public? Those folks are taking a beating unless they bury their heads and march to the beat of only one drum. Those folks I dearly care about. For the discerning person who doesn't mind re...
  7. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    Probably. Like you, I have no idea, other than what the CDC does presently do with it. They bigger issue for me is simply why: If it was built and established to help with vaccine hesitancy during H1N1, why not now? That is assuming we agree tha...
  8. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    Yeah. Not. They are choosing NOT to use this for the present vaccine program, the mRNA tech. And why not? It was created to aid vaccine hesitancy and they are not using it. You provided evidence for nothing related to my premise.
  9. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    Depends. If it's 2009, then you use the PRISM system specifically designed to intake and asses & report on the H1N1 vaccines problems. Created by and monitored by people outside of the profit chain. 2020-2021, "nah, we don't need no stinkin ...
  10. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    I said, what I said. You have evidence in support of your argument? Lack of publishing papers could be another reason they don't inspire confidence:
  11. Leaving Your Job Due to Mandate

    OP, I went thru this back in '09 with H1N1 and was none to happy about it. I admit I was blissfully unaware the H1N1 was such a big deal. I had taken care of at least one 3rd term-preggo gal and had worried about her and the child too, but as in...
  12. Never worked OR as an RN. Every other nursing job has protocols. The protocols are what protects our license. Should be protocols in place for those CST/ST's doing whatever. Or, those protocols may say it's supposed to be an RN or have such and...
  13. Short Staffed: An Epidemic

    Lucky You. I encountered about the same with staff at the last facility I worked.. After mgmt made enough of a mess to cause a big turn-over what they were left with was garbage. Made worse by mgmt's acceptance. So perdiem-sneum, it ain't restricted ...
  14. Patient negative and now is positive

    Right, or was it iatrogenic? Doesn't matter when you need to keep basically every charge safe. Which is why I said, put 'em all on precautions. The why/where and when was beyond my post, but your points are well taken.
  15. Natural Immunity

    Actually, it's being studied right now and is ongoing.