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    hospice rn admission per diem pay

    $250 for open case/ usually it last 2 hours.
  2. drugirl

    Shepherd University LVN to RN Program

    Hey 2629jjang, how do you like the school so far? are the teachers good?
  3. drugirl

    Shepherd LVN Program

    hey lovelyshepherd, how do you like Shepherd so far? Are the teachers good?
  4. drugirl

    I'm Finally Bridging to Become an RN!

    Congrat! can you guys tell us which schools you get into? I am starting LVN program too and hope to be lucky like your guys!
  5. drugirl

    Oikos University - Oakland

    I visited them and talked to the adviser. I wasn't impressed by their school at all...
  6. drugirl

    Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    I called them last week and talked to the Japanese woman on phone and she told me to send them my transcripts and stuff but until today (Tuesday) I haven't heard back from them, not even a reply to my email. And I actually called them yesterday hoping to speak to the person who was helping me last week, they said she wasn't in the office and I left a message asking her to call me back! but she didn't. So I called her just now, and she was actually in the office today! This is kinda intimidating.. I mean she never called me back or follow me up even she knew I had been calling! I asked her if she got my email and she didn't even open my email but she said she knew I sent her a email and another person would call me back tomorrow, she's in a hurry to hang up on me! wt..
  7. drugirl

    Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    Thanks for the information! I am interested in their LVN and BSN program at Shepherd. I don't have a bachelor's degree in other field but I am taking TEAS test in January (haven't started studied yet! >_ Jojo
  8. Hey Christine, thanks for the information! I am going to give them a call on Monday to see how many people are on the waiting list, I wish I can get in the January batch, the earlier the better. Are you going to San Mateo or Concord?:)
  9. I was wondering did you take their prerequisite class in October? I saw that on their website saying you had to take and pass that class prior to starting the core program. I already taken A&P, microbiology, nutrition etc from my cc. When did you apply for their program? not sure if it's kinda too late to apply for it now.
  10. drugirl

    Unitek LVN Sacramento

    I wouldn't go for Unitek because of the bad reviews here.. I heard NCP in S. SF is pretty good. I am looking for a private school for my LVN too. Good luck!
  11. drugirl

    Shepherd University in Los Angeles?

    X-tra Stinky : Do you mind telling me what classes are transferable to their ADN program? I have just finished my prerequisites this quarter at a community college and I called them this afternoon, a Japanese lady with strong accent was helping me. So did you say all the teachers are Korean? I am surprised! They told me they have BSN program. Do you know how long is the LVN and the ADN program?
  12. drugirl

    Approved but not Accredited?

    I went there and talked to them....they seem very unorganized to me, the ''school'' doesn't seem like a school to me, more like an office! Felt like i had wasted 1 hr with them when i walked out. All of the staff are Koreans.. the entrance exam costs $140 before you take it.