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  1. Hi. I graduated in May 2010 and I worked at a nursing home for 2 months before getting fired for a medication error (leaving a cup of meds in a pt room). I just got a job at a county jail as a RN. I have had 5 days orientation and the nurse supervisor was asking me if I was ready to get off orientation!! I was hired with another RN but she has about 15 years experience and all she needed was 3 days orientation. I feel alot of pressure from people to get off orientation but I dont want her to think that I am an idiot for not grasping things as fast. I have trouble with intakes and when to call the MD and when not to or when to send out a inmate to the hospital. I am sooo afraid of being alone when an officer calls me down for a inmate emergency and I won't know what to do. I also lost my previous job for a really stupid mistake and I am soooooo terrified of losing my job again. I was thinking I would get about 3 weeks or a month orientation but I had no idea they wanted to grasp everything in a couple days! Any advice...
  2. AnewRN2010

    New job as a Corrections Nurse

    Hi. I just recently was interviewed for a part time job (nights) at a local jail and I am a fairly new nurse. I only have 2 months experience (i was fired from my job at a nursing home for a small med error). One person I interviewed with said that I would be a good fit for them but then I interviewed with the nurse and she said it wouldn't be a good fit because I am new and have very little experience and I need to have really good assessment skills. I am not sure if I got the job or not yet. ANyone start out as a corrections nurse or ever work as a corrections nurse???
  3. AnewRN2010

    Fired from my first job today......Feeling like a failure.

    I am so sorry this happened to you. I was fired last week from my first nursing job also. I was 2 months in and on my 7th day off of orientation. I feel really bad too and like a failure but I have been trying to look on the bright side. Maybe it was meant to be and you will find a job that is everything you wanted and everyone will be more supportive of a new nurse that is still learning.
  4. Sadly I am in this position also. I graduated in May 2010 but I was lucky to find a RN job in a LTC facility in November but I just got fired from this job last week for something I think was kinda unfair. Now I am back at square one and I am afraid also I won't find anything. I try to apply for other jobs in hospitals such as a CNA or what not but no call backs. For me I'm just going to get a job in a store somewhere and pray I find something as an RN. I would suggest looking at your state gov't website and look for nursing jobs. I am looking into that and am hoping for the best.
  5. Hi. I am a new Rn and I was just hired for my job at the end of November and I today was just fired for a med error (only 2 months!!) I feel like I am never going to get another job or maybe I just don't have what it takes to be a nurse. I was working at a long term care facility with about 18-20 patients. Which was alot for me right out of school (and never have worked in hospital before). I went to give a patient meds and she didn't take them and I left it in the room (STUPID MISTAKE!!!) and one CNA found the meds in the room and reported it. The part that got me fired was the fact that i didn't go back to give the patient her meds or inform the MD that she didn't take her meds/refused and they felt that they couldn't trust me to give meds to the patients correctly. I just feel like a total failure and I'm thinking I will never find a job as a nurse again. Has this happened to anyone?? Or do you know someone who was fired and found another job. I just really need a pick me up right now. I feel like a total loser.
  6. AnewRN2010

    New grads, once of orientation....

    I just got off orientation 2 days ago and really felt like I wasn't ready. My orientation was only suppose to be 4 weeks and I took about 6 weeks. I have about 20 patients. I take forever to do my medications and on top of that I have to do dressings and a bunch of treatments, charting, picking up orders and even if a patient has to go out for an appointment I have to make the copies from the chart. Our unit has no secretary so we have to do everything. I have no time for lunch or breaks. I still don't get the hang how the all the paperwork works and who to call for what. I feel like a total incompetent idiot sometimes. Today I felt my eyes watering up with tears but I stopped myself from crying. I really hate nursing and I feel like I made a mistake going to school for it. My mom tells me I will get used to it and it will be easy but I just feel so overwhelmed. I am dreading going back tomorrow.
  7. AnewRN2010

    First job

    I am a new RN and I have been working in a long term care facility on a rehab unit. This is my 12th day on the job and I am still orientating but I am feeling so discouraged. I feel like I am stupid and don't know anything. My preceptor nurse will tell me to do something and I ask her how to do it and ask alot of questions and by the way she answers me I can tell that she thinks I am dumb. I feel like I will never get the paperwork down and it just seems like too much and I am beginning to regret becoming a nurse. Anyone go through this when they first started out?