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  1. soushee

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    I've been a nurse for 3 years; my boyfriend is an LEO. His ex who he has a child with is a nurse, too. Maybe he has a type, ha!
  2. soushee

    Nursing and the supernatural

    Working night shift, it's easy to get spooked sometimes. My unit uses tracker devices, all RNs and CNAs wear them. Several nights one week about 6 extra unidentified "people" would appear on the tracker board, and would move from a specific room to the dirty utility, and up and down the "back" hall (unit is a big square with patient rooms on the outside, nurses' station and clean utility/offices in the core). Scared the CNA who had the back to death and she sat in the main station all night, scared to go back there. Can't say I blame her! I actually went and check the rooms sometimes to see if anybody was in there, and they were empty. The mysterious trackers would never go in rooms that were occupied. I've been away from my unit for about 10 months, kind of curious to see if these things are still occurring once I go back in a few weeks!
  3. soushee

    Craziest vitals on a person who lived?

    I'm a competitive cyclist, and have seen low 40s on myself when resting quietly with a tele monitor on (I was letting a new grad practice putting the leads on me). I have an ID bracelet that I wear when I bike, and I have "Low Pulse Rate" on there just to warn people in case something happens and they think it's unusually low! On the flip side, I have done short, fast races with an average heartrate of 185-195bpm! I find that far scarier :)
  4. soushee

    Why don't you just read the chart?

    The I think the worse was one time I was getting a hip fracture patient and the ER nurse could not tell me which hip it was, and if it was broken. I was told "Um, they have a hurt hip." Seriously? I get we're all busy, but that blew my mind when I received that report! I do like to know access, if there's anything running (fluids, antibiotics, etc), mentation, latest vitals, prn's given that might be continued on floor (usually last dose of pain meds, or if something for blood pressure, etc). I try to skim the chart if I have time, but it can be hit or miss, and most of the time the physicians have not entered their notes, so I'm just seeing a lot of "gave patient warm blanket."
  5. soushee

    Drug Testing for NS

    My school requires a drug screen and background check (it's rather intensive, I requested the results of mine out of curiosity, they even pull driving records) prior to starting any classes, and also does random monthly drug screens where if you're selected, you have 4 hours to give a sample, or you're kicked out.
  6. 2nd semester is considered the hardest semester in my program. 1st is stupidly easy, then BAM! 2nd semester hits and it's hell. Then it eases off again in 3rd and 4th.
  7. soushee

    Giving Thank you gifts

    A girl in my class was passing out xmas cards to our instructors last week... thought it was odd, especially since it was taking up office time for all of us with questions about our grades/finals (we don't take our final until tomorrow). Reminded me of 7th grade when I gave gifts to my teachers... then again, I've decided nursing school IS junior high all over again, so maybe I need to get to writing out some cards as well...
  8. soushee

    nursing pins - yay or nay?

    Luckily, my school buys ours. I don't plan on wearing it after the ceremony, though. But that's a cool idea about putting it in a shadow frame!
  9. soushee

    Bachelors in Biology. Now what?

    If it's something he is interested in, I say go for it! I have a BS in microbiology and am in an ADN program right now, and will start my BSN concurrently next fall. What I've found is that all my courses and stuff I learned with my BS really makes a lot of the science stuff go easy in class because I have to learn the harder aspects of it already. Worse that'll happen is he'll apply and not get in. I'm not sure how competitive schools are based on GPA, so I can't give you advice on that. I know my school gives applicants points based on their pre-req GPAs, not necessarily overall college GPA. So if his pre-req grades are good (basic bio, micro, etc) and he just did poorly in classes they don't count like organic chemistry, that might help him out. For example, I have an overall 3.64 GPA from my BS, but since they only counted my pre-reqs, I went in with a 4.0.
  10. soushee

    Help with books

    Same with me... just gotta buy a maternity book for next semester and a few cheapy case study books. Then I think after that I just need a psychiatric book for 3rd or 4th semester.
  11. soushee

    who else is studying right now?

    Me me me! My final is on Monday, but I've been studying most all of today. My brain is already feeling full, ugh. Good luck on your final tomorrow!
  12. soushee

    Good time to be finished with nursing school

    I'm going to be 28 when I get my ADN... *shrug* I'm actually one of the younger students in my class, so I don't feel bad. Sure, I wish I did nursing the first time around I was in college, or at least double majored in it and what I got my BS in, but at least I've gotten to live a little bit of life before settling down into a "real" job. I would venture to say that in today's world being older than the 18-22 year old range and being in college is quite normal, and it's nothing to really worry about. Hell, there's 70 and 80 year olds out there getting college degrees!
  13. soushee

    Final Exams

    I'm working through studying for my comprehensive final as well... Did you teacher(s) give any sort of review? Most of mine have given us lists of topics that we should focus on, so it helps narrow down the content a bit. Though, I'm kind of paranoid and still reviewing all my notes because I think one will be sneaky and write questions on stuff she told us NOT to study... Other than that, I am just going through all my notes repeatedly. I don't really have a good strategy down yet...
  14. soushee

    Help with books

    I plan on keeping all of my books, at least until I graduate (and I figure by then they'll be too old to get rid of anyway... that's how it goes with textbooks, last semester's stuff is old news). With how my program works, we use the same books over the course of the 4 semesters, so it would be hard to rent them anyway. So that's something you might want to check into before jumping into renting. One piece of advice I can give is avoid the college bookstore! They're always overpriced. Instead, take your textbook list and go on barnes and noble's site (bn.com) or textbooks.com Those are the two sites I buy my books from. I've purchased several of my large two volume sets used from textbooks.com for half the price the college bookstore wanted, and the books looked brand new, even though they were marked used. They also do free shipping. One of the books I need for next semester is $160 new from the college bookstore, and $82 brand new fron Barnes and Noble, so it's really obvious to see how much money you can end up saving by shopping around. Also, you can try your local craigslist for former students getting rid of their stuff, and sometimes ebay has some good finds. Good luck!
  15. soushee

    1st semester down!!

    Woohoo, congrats! I take my final on Monday, then I can say my 1st semester is done as wel!
  16. soushee

    To cap or not to cap!

    I was really sad when I found out my school doesn't do anything with the caps. I was really looking forward to wearing the white dress and cap for pinning like most other schools do in my state All we get are white lab coats. I'm not in med school, I don't want a darn white coat! To me white coats = white coat ceremony during med school.