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Followed Husband (US Soldier stationed in Germany) to Us in 04/2002, daughter maybe starting Preschool this Fall. Looking to get licensed within this year. Unfortunately don't know where to start or how to. Appreciate any Information.

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  1. Thank you Silverdragon. Do you know if I can apply for LVN or LPN if I get denied for RN? If so would I be able to use the same CVS from the RN application or would I have to pay for another CVS?
  2. I know I've been been a remember for a long time and was on the verge of submitting my CVS application years ago but things came up, hubby abandoned me and my daughter so my savings intended for my licensing fees and classes went into surviving and paying bills. Now that I was able to accumulate some savings due to promotions and tax returns I am looking into finally going back into nursing, my true calling and passion! I know I will have to take refresher courses to be able to practice and be hired and I remember back then a couple of ppl told me I wouldn't qualify for RN bc I don't have a degree bc of the nature of Registered Nurse training in Germany but my initial question for now is (and I can't believe I didn't think of this sooner): Can I register as an LPN or LVN in NYS for a better chance of qualifying for licensure and employment and then down the road take an LPN to RN course? If so would it be the same process CVS + NYSBON + TOEFL + CPR/BLS and Abuse recognition course? Thank you so much in advance for your replies and advice
  3. shot_z

    Nursing in Germany

    I'm from Germany, not far from Kaiserslautern and my best advice would be to look at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, one of the most renowned medical facilities in Europe and the entire military and is less than 30minutes from Kaiserslautern(also known as K-town). You might also want to try http://www.militaryonesource.mil/seco?content_id=267489 to research any and all spousal employment opportunities and possibilities b/c other than the previously mentioned medical center, every larger military post has at least a sort of group medical practice w/ primary care physicians and specialists. Plus it has a lot of additional info from where to shop, where to live, volunteering and educational possibilities. I hope this helps and good luck to both of you!
  4. shot_z

    Not sure if I can stay in NY?

    I know it's been a while but I got a little sidetracked... Honestly I wouldn't mind rather doing CES than CVS if it's faster and it appears to be less expensive as well! But I don't have any transcripts, all I have is my annual report cards, my exam results and diploma. I don't even know what those transcripts would be, I mean theoretically I know they are a breakdown of subjects and hours of what I was taught but never heard of anything like that back home, not until I started looking into getting my US RN license and I don't even know what they would be called in German...
  5. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place so please if it's wrong just move it to where it should be. While researching different state's RN license requirements I've stumbled across this urgent message on the CA BON: IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR NEW AND RENEWING LICENSE APPLICANTS: Please complete your applications prior to April 24, 2013 in order to avoid delays. The Department of Consumer Affairs is replacing current online licensing systems with the new BreEZe licensing and enforcement system. The transition could cause delays, possibly beginning in May. Renewing licensees: If your license expires between now and June 30, 2013, please renew as soon as possible. Graduating students: Don't wait until the end of the school year to submit your application. Submit your application for the licensure exam now, even if your application will not be complete.
  6. shot_z

    Not sure if I can stay in NY?

    Thank you again Silverdragon102. The only area I'm bound to by anything is Long Island and that's b/c I don't want to separate my daughter from her father. But he barely spends time now that we're living together so I'll have to see how much effort he puts into qt w/ her when we're not. Living expenses are extremely high and until I'm fully licensed I would have to live in a basement studio in a not so great neighborhood with my daughter and my pets unless I leave my proffesion and go into realestate or financial services or work around the clock and leave my 11-year-old to fend for herself. Even after getting my license I won't be able to afford much more b/c rent is the highest living expense(even though house prices and mortgages have dropped to a third) with 1500-2000 for a 2 bdr apartment. Nurse428: Thank you for the info. How long did your friend's CES take and does CES require CGFNS Exam?
  7. shot_z

    Not sure if I can stay in NY?

    Do you know which state is the most ideal for foreign trained RNs? If I had free choice of anywhere in the US where could I get licensed the easiest and/or fastest?
  8. shot_z

    Not sure if I can stay in NY?

    Thank you Silverdragon102 So if the other state would need CES would I have buy the service and fill out the application even though they don't have to request any documents from my country?
  9. So I'm about to submit my CVS for NY - finally, if I can figure out how to change or delete some unnecessary educational info - but my situation has changed dramatically. Thinking I can take on a part-time or night shift position while waiting for my license so I can start house hunting, my husband reveals to me he doesn't want to be married anymore! I mean I should've seen it coming, on hindsight I realize he's been living like a single man for years, but still I would've liked a little time to prepare or at least a warning. And the timing couldn't be worse, my father just passed away rather unexpectedly (the day before Valentines - that'll never be the same) and I'm thousands of miles away and haven't seen him in almost 4 years! So now I have to figure out how to get the most highest possible pay to support myself and my daughter and pay for something bigger than a shoebox that'll allow pets with no credit history and possibly not working around the clock so my 11 year old daughter won't have to fend for herself b/c I have no grandma or other "free babysitting service" around me! But I'm ranting - sorry - my initial question is: would I be able to endorse the NY RN license for another state license should I decide to leave this life of working your behind off to barely make the rent b/c to be honest I know I'd be happier in a more country-ish small-town type setting and here I don't even know the names of neighbors I lived around for 6 years! Would the NY license endorsement be enough or would I still need the particular CGFNS service that state would require if I were to get licensed there initially? Thank you all in advance for reading my rant and your as always helpful replies! Susanne
  10. shot_z

    I passed my NCLEX-RN. I'm still in shock!

    Congratulations Nurse!! I can vividly remember my first time - 15 years ago - like it was yesterday! ... can't believe I have to go through it again sometime this year, but at least it will "only" be written/multiple choice, the first time was written, oral and practictical/clinical! Boy was I a wreck, I knew everything - just not at the right time, like when it was my turn...lol
  11. shot_z

    NCLEX-PN in 7 days!!:)

    Hey just wanted to wish you good luck for you exam!
  12. shot_z

    Which order to apply for NY RN and CGFNS?

    Thank you for the fast reply, Silverdragon102.
  13. I've spent almost all day searching postings to find the answer and if it is please forgive me and just post a link, please. I'm a permanent resident foreign educated nurse ready to get back to work after raising my daughter to elementary school age. I hope to apply for NY RN licensure, but I'm not sure as to which order to proceed or if there's a chance it might not even go through b/c it's been so long. Do I send out the CGFNS CVS application first? Then which order do I proceed in? When do I get the TOEFL? While trying to start the process I discovered info on a temporary or limited RN permit, is that something I might want to apply for b/c I'd like to start working asap? If I do would I have to apply for both CVS and CP or just one and which one? If both do I send them at the same time? I'm barely able to come up w/ the CGFNS fee and this is after saving dollar for dollar for a very looooong time so I can't do them all at the same time and therefor need to either send them in as I can afford them or find a job which I'm not sure as to how to go about it w/out a license or work history/checkable references.I am a little worried about my "downtime" being to long and was wondering if there were any "refresher courses" or partial subjects I can take (but have no idea how the school system works here) and if this is something I can do while working b/c I definitely can't afford tuition if it is indeed what I hear it's supposed to be. I live in Suffolk County, LI, NY and am not picky as to where I'll work at all, LTC, Hospital, private care, HH whatever. I know I can't work as an RN or even LPN but maybe as a nurse assistant or patient care assistant/tech(not sure what it's called). I'm only slightly bound as to hours b/c I have a daughter in Elementary school and a Husband working odd hours and don't want strangers rainsing my child so school hours, nights or hubby's days off would be best, I don't know if CNA or PCA positions are bound to strict shift schedules. Please any rype of info will be greatly appreciated! I am sooo ready to work and can't wait. Are there any foreign trained nurses that worked before they started the licensing process or during and what were you able to do? Were you just as confused about the wide varieties of job titles and disciplines? Thanks in advance!
  14. shot_z

    German Nurses anywhere?

    Forgive me if thsi is a stupid question but what are transcripts? All I have from my nursing school are notes and reportcards and then of course the diploma itself!? Susanne
  15. shot_z

    German Nurses anywhere?

    Magdalena, do you know why you had to do the whole education from the beginning? Why didn't they accept your german education? Susanne
  16. shot_z

    German Nurses anywhere?

    Hi jdagol, how do you work as a Clinical Technician CTICU if you don't have your papers? Did you have to get a certificate or do any schooling for that? Susanne

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