Which order to apply for NY RN and CGFNS?

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I've spent almost all day searching postings to find the answer and if it is please forgive me and just post a link, please.

I'm a permanent resident foreign educated nurse ready to get back to work after raising my daughter to elementary school age. I hope to apply for NY RN licensure, but I'm not sure as to which order to proceed or if there's a chance it might not even go through b/c it's been so long. Do I send out the CGFNS CVS application first? Then which order do I proceed in? When do I get the TOEFL? While trying to start the process I discovered info on a temporary or limited RN permit, is that something I might want to apply for b/c I'd like to start working asap? If I do would I have to apply for both CVS and CP or just one and which one? If both do I send them at the same time?

I'm barely able to come up w/ the CGFNS fee and this is after saving dollar for dollar for a very looooong time so I can't do them all at the same time and therefor need to either send them in as I can afford them or find a job which I'm not sure as to how to go about it w/out a license or work history/checkable references.I am a little worried about my "downtime" being to long :crying2: and was wondering if there were any "refresher courses" or partial subjects I can take (but have no idea how the school system works here) and if this is something I can do while working b/c I definitely can't afford tuition if it is indeed what I hear it's supposed to be.

I live in Suffolk County, LI, NY and am not picky as to where I'll work at all, LTC, Hospital, private care, HH whatever. I know I can't work as an RN or even LPN but maybe as a nurse assistant or patient care assistant/tech(not sure what it's called). I'm only slightly bound as to hours b/c I have a daughter in Elementary school and a Husband working odd hours and don't want strangers rainsing my child so school hours, nights or hubby's days off would be best, I don't know if CNA or PCA positions are bound to strict shift schedules.

Please any rype of info will be greatly appreciated! I am sooo ready to work and can't wait.

Are there any foreign trained nurses that worked before they started the licensing process or during and what were you able to do? Were you just as confused about the wide varieties of job titles and disciplines?

Thanks in advance!

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CVS has to be done first if educated outside the US

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Thank you for the fast reply, Silverdragon102.

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