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  1. can someone guide me what the next step for my endorsement application, my analyst required me to submit my OR, DR cases which i don't have it anymore even my school. What wil be the best way to solve this? thanks pls email me at kaicol86@yahoo.com
  2. kaizenart86

    montefiore medical center

    Hi ortso5 I was hired last week , will start on oct 8. Just want to know if they will cover the premployment medical? Like some of the interviewed nurse mentioned on a previous forum., I was interviewed first by the NM before the HR. My HR recruiter told me to renew my acls and take pals ( which is imdoing it now) Im confused I emailed my HR receuiter asking about that if i can do the preemployment medical first before i take the acls and pals class. She emailed be back and telling only the schedule; no facility name and addres and no instruction and not mentioning if its cover by the compny or ill pay for it initially, only the schedule she mentioned. Im dont want to ask her again because it might irritate her asking lots of question. Hope you understand. And one more thing did you do hirevue video interview even you been interviewd first by the Nurse Mangers and HR?
  3. kaizenart86

    New Grad from New York wanting to move to California

    Hi Katya, did you find job in New York? Like you, were on the same boat. Got my license here in new york but cant find a hospital Job even internship, how can we aquire an experience if they not want us work on them, im IEN and has 8 years of exp overseas eg dubai and philippines , but the sad truth is they wont credit my exp overseas.
  4. kaizenart86

    Conversion of Philippine BSN to US BSN

    Hi can you give me the details on how to process and become an army nurse corps, im foreign graduate (Philippines) shall i also take the MSN? Thank you.
  5. kaizenart86

    AMEDD. NLE, CCNA credential, foreign BSN degree

    Thank you Pixie and jfratian. I guess that Iwould try to enlist myself in army reserve, take the 68C MOS and a ccne nle accredited MSN course. Or have some exp and take the MSN course as a civilian , wait to be a citizen.Any suggestion guys which is the best path?
  6. I would like to inquire what are the requirements for Nursing Corp AMEDD? I Had: 1. 8 years of critical care nursing exp (overseas) 2. Registered nurse in New york (BSN) on process , passed nclex last month 3. 31 years of age. 4. Lawfully permanent resident (green card holder) 5 Physically Fit. Am i eligible even Im a foreign BSN graduate.? If not, how can my credentialls be verified by the NLE or CCNE? Hope for your reply.
  7. Hi soconurse or anyone whos's active in this forum, Please send me/PM me the details of those schools conducting the deficiency unit's. Many Thanks.