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  1. melissa0

    ATI Predictor Test Advice!

    I am in my 6th (last) semester and the predictor test is to "predict" the chances of you passing your nclex on the first time. I have the books and I'm obviously going over them, just wondering if anyone who has taken it had any specific advice! Thanks!
  2. melissa0

    ATI Predictor Test Advice!

    Hi! We have to take the ATI predictor next week and receive a 90% predictor for NCLEX which I believe is somewhere around a 70% of an adjusted individual score? We took one in the beginning of the semester (after summer break) and were told not to even open ATI books but rather it give you an idea where you're at...well, I did horrible! It was a 3 hour test and I was anxious and probably rushed through it and over thought every question and received a 52% individual score and a 32% chance of passing NCLEX...Embarrassing, yes! Just wondering if anyone has any advice. I have two practice codes I'm going over and focusing on what I missed on those and in the original predictor we took in the beginning of the semester. Any other advice/encouragement is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi! I'm getting ready to take my community health as well as leadership ATI's. I was wondering if anyone who has taken these can give me any sort of advice on what to focus on, I've heard there's lots of delegation questions on the leadership ATI but that's all I've heard. I'll be reading both (entire) ATIs for these subjects and taking the practice tests to help prepare. Please help! Thanks :)
  4. melissa0

    Adult Med/Surg ATI test -- advice? Did you pass?

    @LadyInScrubs - good luck to you and let me know if you have any questions about the ATI. There were I believe 2-3 questions on burns. There was an easy one, about what to do after establishing an IV - you hydrate with IV fluids. There was another one that asked what to do with a deep partial full thickness burn - debridement (2 diff types can't remember) or dressing changes w/ certain dressings. I didn't study burns too much so I guessed on that one.
  5. melissa0

    Adult Med/Surg ATI test -- advice? Did you pass?

    @SN - I took Pharmacology a year ago -- so yes, med surg ATI was difficult for me today!! THANK GOD I passed! There were 95 questions, 95 minutes and the national average was 61.4%. I guessed on probably more than 50% of them, and received a 66.4% which is a level 2. There were about 10+ med questions, TB questions, cushing's disease, one calculation question (an easy one), osteoarthritis questions, traction questions and obviously lots more! I'm not sure how much the practiced tests helped - a little, of course. There was two questions that were similar to the practice questions.... I would recommend starting EARLY studying - I started about 7 days prior to the test and wasn't enough. Just thrilled I passed, both ATIs. Thanks guys for all the input!
  6. melissa0

    Adult Med/Surg ATI test -- advice? Did you pass?

    Took the mental health ATI today and got a level 3 85% - very happy with that! Tomorrow is the adult med surg ATI and I'm stressing and still trying to make it through the almost 1300 page book. Hoping the practice tests help!! I will let you know how I do tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
  7. melissa0

    Adult Med/Surg ATI test -- advice? Did you pass?

    Thanks for the responses! I have two and half more days of studying before adult med surg ATI. We have to get a level 2 as well. Did you find that the practice tests were just as hard as the test? I've taken two and got 61.1% without studying and just a 64.1% after studying for two days (different tests and questions). Super worried!! Also, do you remember what the national average was? And was it 60 or 90 questions?
  8. Hi! I'm preparing to take my ATIs for adult med surg and mental health. Not so much worried about mental health but VERY concerned with adult med surg. Any advice? I've taken one practice test so far (without studying much at all) and got 61.1%. Sometimes the practice tests are much harder than the actual test. We have to get a level 2 to pass the course. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  9. melissa0

    How was the OB/Maternal Newborn ATI?

    Although I didn't get any responses - I'll respond for future people who are googling this very same question!! I passed the OB ATI with a 78% - the national mean was 71.8% - I did find this more difficult than the practice tests though, the questions were trickier and in more detail than I had expected. But all is well and I passed!!
  10. Have you considered student loans? I know it's not ideal but they can help pay for school without having to pay back until you're finished with school. Good luck, I hope you can figure it out!
  11. melissa0

    Is there any downside to doing ADN then RN to BSN?

    I myself applied to both, but was so thrilled to have gotten into the BSN program. Although it's more expensive, I feel like if I would have gotten into the ADN and realized how difficult it was I probably would have had a hard time continuing onto the BSN program. I'm not sure where you're from, but most hospital around here (Central California) are hiring A LOT more BSN students vs. ADN and I've heard in the next 10 years that they will require RN's to get their BSN. So, if you're motivated and stick with it, go with whichever program you get into! I wouldn't of passed up ADN if it came before the BSN program!
  12. I don't specifically know that being bipolar will inhibit you from being successful, but I know that nursing school can be VERY stressful and has even given me an anxiety disorder (I haven't been to the doctor about it, but really considering). I would learn how to cope with stress and be able to keep it under control before going into nursing!! Lots of luck to you!
  13. I just took my Peds ATI on Friday and scored a 70%, level 2 after getting the highest score of 63% on the practice tests. My OB ATI is tomorrow morning and my first score on the practice test was a 68% and my 2nd was a 83% (two different practice tests) - I'm used to the practice tests being more difficult than the actual ATI ...is this the same with OB? Or is this too much wishful thinking? Does anyone know the national average (when you took it) for OB or how did you do?! Thanks for any info!!!
  14. melissa0

    Taking Peds ATI on Friday, how did you do?

    Definitely did some praying and read the entire Peds ATI book within two days. I scored a 70.0% at a passing Level 2 - I was happy with that. National average being 61.9% -- crazy!! I have OB on Monday, getting ready to take the practice tests now! Thanks guys!
  15. I just finished my first practice test with a lovely score of 63%! Borderline freaking out. Not sure what the national average is considered for Peds, but on my Pharmacology ATI last semester I know I passed at a level 2 with a 68%. If you've taken it - how was it? Was the practice test harder? Thanks for any info!
  16. melissa0

    ATI Pharmacology exam advice?

    Thanks guys! I did do two of the practice tests, and seemed help out but not that much. I felt like the test was still a COMPLETE guessing game although I have studied very hard all semester. Scored a passing Level 2 and was perfectly fine with that - just THRILLED I don't have to come back over winter break for the re-take! Out of 29 of us only 4 didn't pass, so over all it wasn't too bad.