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  1. AM09011983

    Did anyone attend the Nursing Panel Discussion at GCC?

    The panel wasn't supposed to scare you guys. But to inform you that this is hard. When I entered this program, I knew it was going to be hard and take a lot of my time. But I didn't realize that this would be the hardest thing I have ever done, and so time consuming. There was times that all I did was eat, go to school, come home say hi to the family, go study and then sleep...wake up and do it all over again. At times I would go days just seeing my 2 kids and husband for maybe 15 minutes a day. The first 5 - 8 weeks, you will be stressed out beyond belief, and will at least have a break down once a week. They have great resources there to help you out. The counselor, Trini we have in place is wonderful. I go at least once a month, sometimes more just to talk to her, run ideas off my head or to vent. We do have a mentor program that first block students get placed with. That helped me out tremendously, as when I was discouraged she stepped in and guided me back to where I needed to be. Block one instructors are tough, intimidating, and will at times make u feel like they are just trying to make you fail. But they really are not, they are trying to prepare you the best they can for what is to come, and that is block 2 and the nclex. Here is a few tips I can tell you (that I wished I knew before entering the program), review your A&P before you start nursing school, sign up for a pathophysiology class. Take the Math class that they recommend at orientation that has a strong focus on Dimensional Analysis. Buy the package of books from the bookstore, because their are online components that you'll need that comes in the package. Wait to buy care plan books, as the instructors will tell u which one they recommend. When buying uniforms, buy one new one, and buy the others from used from GASN. (Glendale Association of Student Nurses) Try to save money wherever you can..cause its expensive. Good Luck, you'll do fine!
  2. AM09011983

    Student Careplans...Mosby, Davis, Lippincott?

    I use Ackley and also Carpenito. Wait to buy anything extra until you get into school. Reason being, is that every teacher likes different authors, and you should get the book your clinical instructor likes the best. Also a lot of the students in my class were able to get their care plan books on the internet for like under 5 dollars. I use a scrap booking bag for my "cart". I've had friends that have the plastic carts and they are constantly breaking, by the time the finish the program they had like 4. I love mine its huge...but I can fit everything in it, and I use it all the time. I have a lab top that I use at school. I did have an I pod, but returned it because we were not allowed to take it to the facilities with me (that was the main point of me having one) What school are you going to?
  3. AM09011983

    Maricopa community colleges class schedules

    In block 1 (Fundamentals) at GCC we did Monday and Tuesday lectures from 8 - 10:50 and then lab from 11:50 - 1:50, Wednesdays we were in lab (I don't remember the exact times) for the first 6 weeks, then the following Wednesdays were clinical days. Usually from 6:30 - 1. Thursday we had lab from 8 to 10:50.