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  1. anne_marie_oregon

    Empire Medical Training?

    Hello Martin Lie - I have not heard of Empire Medical Training. I took my aesthetics training in San Diego with the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM). I believe the best place to start is laser/light therapies and botulinum toxins. To be honest, now that I am getting my feet wet in the field (as a side hustle) ... I would LOVE to get more training and learn more tricks. It really is such a fun field!!! Best of luck to you.
  2. anne_marie_oregon

    Did getting your MSN-Education open doors?

    Hello! Please help me :-) I am trying to figure out which Master's degree to pursue. I am considering MSN-Education vs. MSN-Leadership vs. FNP. My main goal is to open doors and have options and a good schedule. I currently work in a large, very prominent hospital and just want doors to open where I can make more money and have a SWEEEET schedule :-)
  3. anne_marie_oregon

    My future is muddy

    I am so lost. I am currently 4 classes in to an FNP program and just totally lost. Is it worth it to keep going? What kind of job will I have once I finish the FNP program? I keep wondering if I would be better off pursuing an MSN-Ed or MSN-Leadership. How do I know the right path for me? It sounds like FNP is more stress and more responsibility. I don't want to keep dumping more money into a degree that I'm not sure will be useful??? Is it more money/more career satisfaction or just more stress???
  4. anne_marie_oregon

    How to get eyebrow arch

    Hello, I am working on the side as an aesthetics RN. I have 2 questions: (1) How can I create a nice eyebrow arch with botox for my clients? Also (2) What sort of insurance should I carry as an aesthetics RN on the side? Thank you for any info! Anne Marie
  5. anne_marie_oregon

    Just registered for Botox and Dermal Filler training.

    Hello JenRNinMI, Aesthetics nursing is really SO FUN! I took a Botox/filler course in August and I have been working part-time at a med-spa while also keeping my full-time job in the ER. I love it! I hope you enjoy the course and you will learn so much as an aesthetics RN! Enjoy, Anne Marie
  6. anne_marie_oregon

    Is starting at a medspa the best way?

    Hello! I recently took a course/workshop for botox injections, laser, and chemical peels. I would like to get my feet wet and start learning botox - and I found a med spa that will train me and help me get going. The pay is pretty low, but it would help me get some learning under my belt. I work full-time in a hospital as an RN, so this is definitely more of a side-hustle. I guess I am wondering - am I wasting my time trying to do Botox on the side? What is the larger picture of this? Is this really just going to side-track me and take me away from other goals? What is the "opportunity cost" to consider? Do you think aesthetics nursing as a side-hustle is a good way to go? I could probably make more money picking up extra shifts at the hospital, but sometimes the hospital environment is a little too intense!!! Thanks for any advice. Anne Marie
  7. anne_marie_oregon

    Student Nurse - interested in E.R.

    Hello! I am currently a student nurse with my graduation date in 2012. I am VERY interested in working in the E.R. at my hospital - and mainly interested in emergency nursing. I was actually considering getting my E.M.T. ... possibly this summer - and I was wondering if that is a GOOD idea for my future plans to be in emergency nursing, or if it would be a waste of my time??? I have a Wilderness First Responder certificate through Wilderness Medical Associates - I just know that I enjoy emergency room type stuff :-) What can I say ... I'm an adrenaline junkie!!! :-) My main question is ... since I am going to be an R.N. ... would it be a waste of my time to pursue my EMT/paramedic as well? Thank you! ~Anne Marie