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    unitek college

    Unitek has title IV, or goverment funding now check to see if you qualify. Waiting in line at a community college can take years and if you think of it, that is income you could be getting as an RN so invest in your degree now and start working much sooner as an RN (it is only 8 months long)
  2. I know my class went through changes while I was at Unitek but all the changes were positive. We had some very good teachers, they even did the tutoring themselves to help us be successful. We also had tutors available for every exam. I must say, I had my doubts for a while but my last two semesters where very positive and I have passed the N-Clex just like all of my classmates. There is only 1 student remaining to take the state board for my VN class, all of us have passed the board with the guidance given by Unitek instructors and new director. I signed up for the fast program and I was done and now looking for work as an LVN. If you want to be an LVN quickly and have great assistance from a school, you should try Unitek, the new director has made great improvements to the program