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  1. toradora2

    Batch 2009 applying in Saudi

    hello,, i've been to COUNTRYBEST agency @ Gil Puyat,.. but i'm actually having a second thought of taking this opportunity bec my friends would like to be assigned @ hosp and besides that one of us is a male... so it's either i wait one more year or find friends who'd be willing to go with me.. what 'bout you? what agency are you in?
  2. toradora2

    Nclex 2011

    thank you for replying. i'm still here in the Philippines.. i'm planning to apply in local hospitals while reviewing for nclex. :) so, how did the exam go and where did you take the exam?
  3. toradora2

    Nclex 2011

    hi,, i graduated last year april 2009. i passed the board exam the same year but until now i haven't found a job yet.. now, i'm planning to take nclex by 2011 but have no idea on step by step on how to apply for it. can anyone help me please.. and any suggestion on choosing which state is better? thanks a lot. btw I'm from Philippines.
  4. toradora2

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    He has a backer who has a share in the hospital. And he almost paid 9k plus for the uniform. Now, he's still waiting for call from the hr which was said to be within this week. I just hope that he'll be accepted because i was also asked by this "backer" if i wanted to work there too. I want to be sure first before I take the risk but my friend said his backer would only be available for help until the end of this month. So, my first step i guess would be to know how much this uniform really cost.
  5. toradora2

    Employment process @ St. Luke's Medical Center (e.rod)

    a friend told me that he is applying in st. lukes,, he said he was asked to pay 1800 for 1 set of uniform and they need to have 5 sets. Is it true?