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  1. ambotRN

    Confused. I need your help. :'(

    Thank you so much for the reply :)
  2. Hi to Nurses all over the world! My name is Sam from Cebu, Philippines. I am planning to go to New Jersey next month and badly wants to take any nursing licensure exam that would qualify me to work as nurse. Can somebody help me on what to do first? I am reading some stuffs in different websites, somehow it helped me yet the major ideas made me confused. I have various questions in my mind; 1.) What are the step by step process of applying for nclex in the state of New Jersey? 2.) Do I need to go through CGFNS process first before taking NCLEX? 3.) Do I need to take any English exams as well? 4.) What are the requirements or documents that I need to obtain from my school? 5.) How much will I pay for the exam? Hope to hear from nurses the soonest. Thanks in advance