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  1. kGa_Peach

    University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB)-Spring 2011

    I'm looking myself, and would be interested in a roommate. I checked the school housing and those seem nice, but I have to imagine that there are cheaper options close to the school that are still safe and decent. I'm obviously not that familiar with the B'more area, does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. kGa_Peach

    UMB Spring 2011

    Thanks Grey Lady, your posts have been so helpful! That's exactly what I was wondering- I watched y'all get hit with those snow storms last year and wondered if that was typical.
  3. kGa_Peach

    UMB Spring 2011

    Hey y'all! I've never posted but I've been reading this forum for awhile now to keep updated about the app status and just wanted to say thanks for all the info! I was accepted to the CNL program, and am looking forward to meeting y'all that'll be there with me! Have any of you received your packet yet? I'm getting slightly antsy about it since I have to coordinate a move from ATL to B'more - I would love to have something a tad more official than my online status before I really make my preparations and sell my car (unless anyone can advise as to whether an Honda S2000 would manage fine in Baltimore winters...)