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    Got the Job!!! (Health Dept.)

    This is my second month working at the health department and I LOVE IT!!! I was working on the WIC/Nutrition Education the first month. Right now, I'm learning the Hypertension/Diabetes program. Which is basically a joint managed program(MD & PH nurse)..... We talk about their diagnosis, assess, educate and issue their medications.... The autonomy almost makes me feel like a NP.... Next up are STDs and family planning!!!
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    Scholarships in Georgia that will pay cost of living expenses

    Most hospitals are approved.... But they might be changing those rules soon.... So check with the scholarship program.
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    Scholarships in Georgia that will pay cost of living expenses

    There is a monthly stipend that gets direct deposited each month. The school gets a separate payment for your tuition & fees.
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    Coliseum Medical Center

    I was told that I'd have to sign a 12 or 18 month contract... & If I broke the contract there would be a fee to pay. But, thats becoming more & more common with RN positions... especially if you're a new grad. I guess it's to make sure they have staff...
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    Mandatory Overtime?

    At my first job, we were required to do 4 12 shifts one week & 3 12 shifts the next.... Mainly due to staffing issues... & If you were a tech, you'd work 4 12's and occasionally 5 12's... The management just couldn't seem to keep people there. Eventually, I got overwhelmed & left.... It was like a revolving door. I agree with the above posts. The overtime should be spread equally or they need to hire more staff. Period.
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    Got a JOB Today!

    :monkeydance: Congrats!!!
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    What grosses YOU out?

    GI Bleeds & Poop.... :grn: Everything else I can handle.... lol
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    Stolen Identity

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    My shift got better.....Staff Massage's

    Wow.... I wish!!!
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    BSN or MPH? Advice please - thank you :)

    The best advice I could give would be to look at the job descriptions at the health department. Figure out which job/role you'd be most interested in and look at the education requirements.... I know in the state of Georgia some jobs require a BSN, and then others require an MSN or MPH. For my position as a PH Nurse(entry level), the minimum requirements were RN license & one year of experience.... If it's the same in your state, then maybe you could get an entry level nursing position while working on the MPH.
  11. How heartbreaking.... :*(
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    81 year old nurse still working strong!

    Me too!!! This article reminds me of my grandmother... She's in her 70's still working as a nurse in a doctor's office... Not out of need, but out of love of what she does...
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    Coliseum Medical Center

    I posted this on another topic.... but it is very relevant to your questions as well.... In addition to this, one thing I will say is that the director was VERY understanding.... She started out as a CNA, then RN, then Charge Nurse, now director.... So she understands all the different roles.... and she really encourages teamwork. Now, whether that actually happens is another story... Hopefully, someone that actually works on the floor will chime in and give you the real story. :)
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    Scholarships in Georgia that will pay cost of living expenses

    When I was in nursing school, my cousin, who works for the government, told me that they offer a LOT of scholarships & loan repayment options... After some research I found the Nursing Scholarship Program. They paid all of my tuition & part of my fees. Plus I received a $1200-1300(give or take a few dollars) monthly stipend. After graduation, they gave me 6 months to pass NCLEX & accept a job offer. Then I would have 3 months to actually start work. The only stipulation is that I have to work in one of the following areas for 2 years (or more depending on how many years of funding received) Ambulatory Surgical Centers; Federally Qualified Health Centers (including Look Alike Health Centers); Home Health Agencies; Hospice Programs; Hospitals; Indian Health Service Health Centers; Native Hawaiian Health Centers; Nursing Homes; Rural Health Clinics; Skilled Nursing Facilities; and State or local Public Health Departments including Public Health Clinics within the Departments Ineligible sites include but are not limited to: Assisted Living Facilities. Free Standing Clinics that do not qualify as one of the above critical shortage facilities; Private Practice Offices; and Renal Dialysis Centers. If you're interested, here's the link so you can find more information on the program. http://www.hrsa.gov/loanscholarships/scholarships/Nursing/
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    Medical Center of Central GA....Need info

    Great!!! That's good to hear! Good Luck!!!
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    Medical Center of Central GA....Need info

    In this economy it's hard to find a job if you're a new grad... And in order to move up or sideways on the ladder you have to have a year of experience... So, you could commit to work there and during those last 6 months look for other positions OR if you like it there you can stay on... You mentioned that they are magnet status so that means they had to have done something right... lol I have friends that work there (Ortho/Neuro, Surgical Trauma, & Cancer Center) They all seem to enjoy it. However, my friend on Ortho/Neuro said that they are a BUSY floor (Lots of admits & discharges).... So, I think it's making sure you're on a good unit. That turnover rate IS kind of high... Did you ask the manager why? Was it due to people moving up or people getting that one year of experience & moving on? When I was searching for a job, orientation was one of my deal breakers... If you weren't going to properly train me, then how could I possibly be a fully functioning nurse??? Those are just some things to consider when you make your decision.... Also, I had an interview with Coliseum awhile back with their Med/Surg Director... I was being interviewed for the Med/Surg Oncology & Med/Surg Orthopedics... She was nice and VERY upfront about the issues on all of her units (5-6pts to a nurse). Training seemed adequate(8-12 weeks). They said it would be hard work but, they would work hard to retain their staff members... If I had chosen to go that route, then at least I was very informed... Luckily, something opened up in Public Health... I love patient teaching & autonomy so that was the best choice for me. Good Luck in making your decision!!! I'm sure you'll make the right choice for you..
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    Man Dies While Performing CPR on wife

    Wow. How sad....
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    Got the Job!!! (Health Dept.)

    Today was my "Get to Know Everyone/Tour" Day.... The county director just wanted to introduce me to everyone, show me where things are, and answer any questions I had. She made me feel very comfortable. My official start day is April 1st which will be full of paperwork... It's a small facility so we get to do it all (Immunizations, Disaster Preparedness, STDs, Diabetes & Hypertension, WIC, and many other community outreach programs). She said it'll take about a year before I'm fully trained in all the different areas... The staff has been around this facility for years and you can just tell they love what they do. I know I'm going to enjoy it.
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    Got the Job!!! (Health Dept.)

    I just accepted a position with a health department today!!! I was searching for resources and ideas of what to expect... So no advice here either but, Congratulations! Hopefully we'll be able to share experiences in the near future.