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  1. There are a few old articles on the subject, so, I am hoping that there are many more in 2016. Anyone use straighter line and then go to western governors university? Kaplan/Brightwood?
  2. I know that going straight from scratch to RN at Kaplan is both hard and expensive, but what if you step in as LVN? Is it a lot less stressful? How much is it?
  3. Please state what you know about 6 figure nursing specialties that are the least stressful Midwife? Cardiac certification? Ect.
  4. I have never been through the process, and have heard that its really intense. Since I am a new LPN, I would like to know if anyone knows of the easiest way to get that certification.
  5. I just got my first job as an LPN and I'm basically just running around and being pulled in multiple directions. Any jobs that you actually don't hate, can focus on one patient at a time, or feel is not super high stress suggestions?
  6. celtickimba

    Picked on at Work

    I recently got my first job as an LVN. I was very excited at first, but, now, three weeks into it, I am upset because I am being picked on by the staff. It is my first job as a nurse and I guess I hoped that they would be nicer to me. I am thinking of trying to get another job, but, I know its very hard to get anything as a new nurse. Any ideas of a nursing position that a new grad could get, or, any ideas of nursing jobs that are more independent, and has less interaction with staff? I am working in a place in which all the patients have Alzheimer's. I am the only nurse on duty, with a staff of CNA's, and administrative staff.
  7. I was just hired to work 5 days per week. Nothing was said about benefits, but, I thought that I would get them if I were hired full time.
  8. celtickimba

    Good Stethoscope; Not Too Heavy

    I need a high quality stethoscope that does not feel like a cannon ball around my neck. I was introduced to the Kila cardiology scope; the single head version. It is excellent, as far as sound quality, but its really too heaving to have around all day long. Anyone know of a comparable scope that is lighter? The cost is really not an issue.
  9. celtickimba

    Is there a good sphygmomanometer for manual blood pressure?

    Thank you OldDude, Would a Littmann Classic be a good stethoscope?
  10. A few of my friends who are still in nursing school are having trouble with taking blood pressure manually. Does anyone have a suggestion as to a sphygmomanometer that is easy to use? All that their school asks is that it be manual; it doesn't matter if its got a modern, digital gauge, mercury, ect. Please give experiences with suggestions. Was there a brand you had to use in a hospital that was smooth in releasing the air, or was there something that you did to make the whole process a lot smoother? Thank you.
  11. Just wondering; if I take the Teas test and then have to retake it, will the test be exactly the same, or are there several different ones?
  12. celtickimba

    What is a good resource for learning medical Spanish?

    I know what you mean. Its pretty crazy..
  13. celtickimba

    Do Nurses Work Several Per Diem Jobs?

    I just got hired as a "per diem" nurse, and I'm wondering if I can work 'per diem" at two hospitals to assure that I am working full time? Do nurses work per diem at several hospitals?
  14. I just got my first job out of LVN school. It will be working in a rest home with Alzheimers patients. I don't start until approximately 3 weeks from now. What should I practice to brush up on while I wait? Any advice is appreciated.
  15. For all nurses who have already gotten their first position after passing NCLEX. How many interviews did you get before landing the job? Did you send out more than 50 resumes before getting an interview? Any real life stories would help.