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    Clinical Educator vs. Staff Developer

    I work in a large medical center, which is part of a larger health system. There are 8 Clinical Educators in my department. We have been asked to evaluate our role. While doing research, I have found that our role is quite different from most Clinical Educator roles in other hospitals. Although we have the title of Clinical Educators, we really focus more on staff development. We are not under unit managers, but are part of the Learning and Organizational Development department. We each have two or three "focus units" that we round on and tend to, but we are also responsible for organizing programs such as the RN Residency, Preceptor programs, mentoring programs, onboarding, annual skills fairs, etc. I would love to have feedback from others about how your hospitals function with Clinical Educators or Staff Developers. Are they the same at other facilities as they are here? It seems as though we're being pulled in two different directions and we are having difficulty meeting the needs of the unit managers while also meeting the global organizational needs. Thank you.
  2. The medical center where I currently work is very focused on going paperless, and has made many advances toward a truly paperless system. However, one of the things we still document on paper is telemetry strips. What process, systems or equipment are other organizations using to document telemetry interpretation in a paperless manner? Thank you.
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    How do you document telemetry in a paperless system?

    Do you mind telling me what monitoring system and documentation system you use? I have been researching and have had a hard time finding a system that will carry over like this.