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  1. pnguyen

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    Hey Ayu531, Got your PM, i dont have enough posts to PM you back though it seems. I actually did TA for Jett, if you wanna chat just send me an email. Nice to see you got in, congrats! pnguyen_3kgt @ yahoo . com Do you know where you'll be going yet? Where else did you get in?
  2. pnguyen

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    Hi all, first post here for me. Just wanted to say congrats to everyone who got in. I got admitted to the ETP program for Peds NP. Also got in for Peds NP at UPenn as well. If anyone can offer any insight for both schools and their respective programs that would be much appreciated. I read through some of the previous pages about some complaints over the Columbia ETP program but never really found what the complaints were really about. Can someone clarify for me? Thanks in advance, again, congrats to all and good luck! I am very excited to start a whole new adventure in my life. :)