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    Fall 2011 Hopefuls

    I am a Fall 2011 hopefull! One more semester then I petition for clinicals in June! My college changed the entrance requirements to a point system and made it very competitive so Im kicking myself to finish up with A's under my belt. I just keep picturing myself walking the stage with my degree and passing my nclex!
  2. dhibler

    What classes are you taking in the Spring?

    Good luck! A&P is very difficult! Im finishing up with it right now finals in 3weeks! At this point my stomach hurts I dont sleep much anymore and I call my kids by muscle names. Its insanely consuming. But its a fun class I have enjoyed it despite my side effects. Haha Im taking A&P 2, microbiology and developmental psychology. Last semester then I can petition for clinicals!! Woohoo!