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  1. EmCNA

    ? about reporting CNAs to charge nurse or DON

    my question was not whether to report anyone. my question was what sort of things am i OBLIGATED to report. to protect my patients.
  2. what should or shouldnt you report to the charge nurse or DON that you see going on as far as aides not respecting the patient.
  3. okay. my question is... also kind of a statement. I am a CNA. and i am proud to wear that title. I love my job. I am a human being. I also understand that as a CNA , i have a responsibility to get my chores done in a tomely manner, a manner that shows care and empathy for my patients. so here is my question. I just started at a new facility last night. I am currently going through orientation. I love the facility i am working for. and all of my coworkers are great... with the exception, that the person i was orienting with last night felt that time was of the essence, and patient care was seriously lacking. This person would be more than forceful with 80 and 90 year old patients weighing no more 90 or 100 lbs. just so that this person could get in an out. now i was right there trying to help and taking my time, brushing their hair and making sure their shirts were clean and their linens were wrinkle free... but the other aide didnt even check half the residents on 3rd rounds. so my other question is, what should and what shouldnt be reported to the charge nurse or DON. thank you. sorry for this being so long.
  4. EmCNA

    CNA II classes worth the time

    thanks! i will deff check into getting my cna 2 then!
  5. EmCNA

    CNA II classes worth the time

    no i do not live in oregon, actually.... way on the other side of the us. but i already work with "professionals" as you implied. and in my state hospitals hire nurse aide 1s. i just didnt know how it all worked with my current job. i guess ill need to ask my DON. thank you!
  6. EmCNA

    CNA II classes worth the time

    i am currently a CNA 1 interested in cna 2 so that i may do catheter insertion and things like that. but i was wondering do cna 2s get paid more and do more. i currently work as a cna, so i didnt know if i would get a bonus or raise or how that works, or if cna 2 was even worth my time.
  7. EmCNA

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    CNA north carolina 11.50 per hour 3rd shift
  8. EmCNA

    Soon to be CNA - need advice please!

    yeah the VA is a really great place to work in terms of the medical field. good luck in your career path and i pray it takes you where you want to be! im in nursing school at rccc so i am hoping to be able to get on with northeast. i guess we will see.
  9. EmCNA

    Soon to be CNA - need advice please!

    haha. yes i know much of the VA, half of my family works there. they pay great, the benefits are incredible. BUT they will not accept anyone with any less than 1 years experience, and your references have to be fantastic. they are hard to get hired onto. www.usajobs.org they currently have no cna job openings, mostly chief of staff and md's. but once you get your years experience, go for the VA over Rowan.. the VA will make sure you and your spouse/children are very comfortable, and the pay will be quite competitive.
  10. EmCNA

    CNA exam skills part???

    tjjjsbass, call NACES and ask them. they will let you know what the physical address is.
  11. EmCNA

    Soon to be CNA - need advice please!

    BAYADA is hiring A LOT right now.. they are home care, but totally worth the money they pay pretty well
  12. EmCNA

    Soon to be CNA - need advice please!

    oh also i forgot to put that rowan area pays anywhere from 7.50 p/h to 14.00 an hour for CNA. depending on shift and experience, most places there is a 2nd shift differential and a 3rd differential. also weekends and holidays you get a differential especially on sundays. and most offer EXCELLENT benefits
  13. EmCNA

    Soon to be CNA - need advice please!

    Rowan Regional Medical Center will usually only hire CNAs with at least 6 months experience, BUT that is what i was told. Deff. try though. Put your Application out there as many places as possible. Rowan County Cabarrus and Iredell Stanly are looking for CNAs a lot this time of year or after the holidays. you will find something, whether its at LTC assisted living or hospital. Rowan and Northeast CMCs are a tedious process to get interviewed for, but make a great resume and keep calling to check on your application.