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  1. Does anyone know about platt college. Does this school get you a chance to have a better career and better salary? Because my friend told me she went there and graduated from medical assistant paying $8 dollars an hourly pay. She said she was rip off. But she told me about another school OSU-OKC (Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City) that has free tutors, hands-on job, & better opportunities. She told me osu-okc was the best school in oklahoma that has certificate, associates, & bachelors programs that will give college credit to transfer to any school. However Platt College does not offer those except certificates programs and it does not get you college credit. I need you guys to give me advice about the 2 schools that i need to go because my parents told me you should go to Platt College because I'm 1 mile away from home and OSU is 18 miles away. Please if someone knows about this schools. Pleassse let me know.