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  1. Hello all. Just trying to see if there are any other students waiting to see if they have been asked to interview for a spot in the WSU CoN for fall 2011. I know that interviews will take place two Saturdays next month but have no idea when the school sends out notices to interview. If you are a current student in the program I would love to pick your brain about the school itself. Best of luck to all on ultimately getting into the program. Thomas
  2. Congrats Schayla on getting in! Reading about your interview was touching and I am happy all worked out well. Being at the Spokane campus I hope I am able to be a student ambassador for future candidates. The student that showed my wife and I around was great and definitely put me at ease before my interview.
  3. I took chemistry at Eastern and I must not have had this so called easy professor. The professor I had was no joke and he was not liked very much but I thought he was fair. I sat next to girls that texted and talked constantly during class and they were the first ones saying that his grading wasn't fair and that they were going to leave bad feedback on him for the class evaluations. All is definitely not lost Cmiles5219. The timeline to reach your goals may take a little longer than expected but when you get there it will have been worth it Amnstokes is my hero by the way. Thomas
  4. Have you spoken to anyone at the school regarding your application since receiving the news? I'm sure they would know more than anyone the reason why and could offer the best advice on how to improve. Is that 3.4 GPA your overall or just specific to nursing prerequisites? Thomas
  5. I'm human like everyone else. I do like to do my best at the parts of the process I can control while trying my hardest not to worry about the things I have no control over. I also like to help others in my shoes because the only thing better than achieving a goal is helping someone else achieve their goal It's so awesome the things that have been brought up in this thread and I wish this was around when I was searching for information. I even made a friend who overlooked the fact that I wore a flight suit....lol Exciting times are ahead and I am just happy to be here. I think the kids that have the greatest advantage in getting into the program are those that did their prenursing at WSU/Pullman. I think their students get the lion's share of slots since they are the lead school in the consortium and supply most of the faculty. EWU and Whitworth, being part or the consortium, each would have about 20-25 slots each reserved. I'm tired from studying and can't remember exactly but I think there are ten spots reserved for transfer students. Army ROTC nursing students from the three consortium schools are guaranteed slots in the program as long as they meet minimum admission requirements and I am not sure if those numbers count against each school's quota or not. I hope all is going well for whoever reads this. Take care. Thomas
  6. My average was a 3.95. I planned on taking three years to do my prereqs as I did not want to take Chemistry and Anatomy concurrently and that helped me a lot. I know quite a few people that interviewed but I don't know what their grades are. I figure if you got an interview you had grades adequate to get into the program and that the interview is what would make or break your application. If they had a lot of people that did well on their interviews then of course it would fall back on grades to be the deciding factor. The three ladies I interviewed with were amazing and after my interview I just knew I rocked it. After my interview was over I went to the front desk and asked for the names of my interviewers because in all the excitement I blanked their names out. I then looked them up on the WSU, College of Nursing faculty directory and sent them individual thank you cards for taking the time to interview and consider me for admission. No matter what you are interviewing for this is always a nice gesture. I'm not sure if someone on the wait list would have to reapply. If I was on the wait list and had these questions I would definitely be calling Ms Bayne, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs and asking her these questions personally. Letting them know that you really want to be there may just help as more spots may likely open up as people decline admission for whatever reasons. http://www.spokesmanreview.com/pf.asp?date=050204&ID=s1515280 The above link is an article I found a while back while trying to find out more information about the school. In it a, girl with a 3.5 GPA was put on the waiting list and she tells of how she was calling the admissions office every week. In early August she finally heard news that she got in. I am sure the people in admissions got the idea that she wanted to be there. Hope this helps and if you find the answers to the question about having to reapply please share here as I'm sure this can help others in the future with the same question. Thomas
  7. GREAT NEWS! Just got my acceptance packet in the mail! I am here in Spokane so if you are outside of the city there is good chance news is headed your way! Good luck to all! Thomas
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    Army Nurse Killed in Afghanistan

    An Army nurse and officer who worked in the intensive care unit at Summa Western Reserve Hospital has been killed in Afghanistan. Army Reserve Capt. Joshua McClimans, 30, died Friday. McClimans had worked at the Cuyahoga Falls medical facility since 2008, according to hospital President Robert Kent. ''We are deeply saddened by the loss of Joshua,'' Kent said. ''Serving others was a way of life for Joshua — perfectly exemplified by his roles in service as a [registered] nurse and a member of the Reserves.'' Esther McClimans said her grandson, who lived in Bath Township, was killed by rocket fire on his way to work at an Army hospital. ''He was an amazing kid,'' she said. McClimans graduated from Jamestown High School in 1998. He attended Kent State University and later the University of Akron. He joined the Army ROTC program and was commissioned as an officer. After serving four years of active duty including a tour of duty in Iraq, he worked at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. His grandmother, who is the mayor of Jamestown in Pennsylvania's Mercer County, said her grandson joined an Army Reserve unit about 18 months ago and had been in Afghanistan for six weeks. ''The minute he got there he knew he wasn't safe,'' she said. Her grandson, who grew up a few blocks away from her in Jamestown, liked to laugh and loved his country. ''He loved being a dad. He loved being a nurse. He loved his country and he felt honored to serve,'' she said. Survivors include a 7-year-old son, Max; a 13-year-old daughter, Emma; and his parents, Michael McClimans of Jamestown, Pa., and Cindy McClimans of Texas. Amanda McClimans, who has been in a relationship with McClimans for more than a decade, described him as ''amazing, loving, strong, compassionate, caring and the best dad in the world.'' He would often call home three to four times a day from Afghanistan, she said. And before he left, he spoke to their son's first-grade class at Fort Island School in the Copley-Fairlawn school district. The students made a book for him to take to Afghanistan and each week he talked to the class via Skype. ''They looked up to him as a hero,'' said Ally Wehmann, the first-grade teacher at Fort Island. She said the children in her classroom learned Monday from their parents that McClimans had died. The students return to class today. Amanda McClimans said Joshua McClimans was planning on bringing back American flags for the kids in Max's class, as well as teachers and others at the school. A scholarship fund for McClimans' children has been established at North Akron Savings Bank. Donations to the McClimans Children Memorial Fund, established by Summa Western Reserve Hospital, can be made at any North Akron Savings Bank location. A funeral in Jamestown is being planned. Full Story: http://www.ohio.com/news/120682634.html
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    Army Nurse Killed in Afghanistan

    Thank you Capt. McClimans. I aspire to be an Army nurse and will not forget the many sacrifices made by you and others. My prayers go out to your family and friends. Take care.
  10. Hello All, Just got done with my interview and it went better than I could have imagined. My wife and I got there about 25 minutes early and got to tour the facilities. Very impressive setup to say the least! The Ambassadors that showed us around were great and as current students were happy to answer any questions we had. When it was time to interview I was invited into a small conference room room where three ladies were all smiling and welcomed me in. One was a learning facilitator at the Spokane Campus, one was a Doctoral student, and one was a J1 instructor there as well. They were all super nice which made for an amazing interview. Right in front of me was a basket of envelopes and I got the honor of picking one with the questions I would be asked. I was very impressed with all the faculty I meet there and am excited for the chance to learn from them. If you have any specific questions feel free to ask. Thomas
  11. I will be interviewing tomorrow and would definitely be willing to share my experience with anyone wanting to know what the process was like. I will make sure and post here tomorrow after I get back. I remember trying to find info online a couple years back when I got serious about going to WSU for nursing school but not finding much outside of the official school website and wishing there was more. I hope people finding this post in the future get some benefit from it :) Robert I started out as an Ammo troop (munition systems) and then crosstrained over to be a boom operator on the KC-135 and flew on the jets out of Fairchild for the majority of my time in. I know exactly where you are coming from when you speak of collegiate peers not knowing what it’s like coming to school after having a career. You are also speaking the truth about the observed work ethic seen quite a few students. Having been out in the workforce for ten years after graduating high school, I thought it would be a challenge keeping up with my classmates coming straight out of high school but have found that not to be the case. I guess hearing horror stories of students here with 3.6 GPAs not getting interviews motivated me to work harder than most of my peers. I’m just happy to be this far in the process. It would be a pleasure to get up with you on facebook. You should be able to hit me up at facebook.com/easterneagles I guess I need to get back to studying for my Microbiology lab practical next week. Fun times on a Friday night let me tell you! Thomas
  12. Robert, Well first off thank you for your service! I served ten years in the Air Force and am also reaping the benefits when it comes to paying for school. I enjoyed my time in as well and plan on serving as a nurse in the military when I'm done. Fun times ahead! Thomas
  13. Hello Robert and congrats on getting an interview. Maybe I'll run into you on the 23rd. Just curious...is the Amn in your screen name short for Airman as in the Air Force? I'm sure we have all worked hard to make it this far and hope we all make it as well. Good luck to those interviewing tomorrow. I hope you are able to share word that your interviews went well. Thomas
  14. Historically the college has accepted about a third of qualified applicants. With this being the case I would say just over a third who apply are given interviews. Seeing that you have an interview I would think you would have to totally bomb it to be rejected now. Congrats on getting this far
  15. Congrats on your interview! Your best bet to get the answer to your interview location question would be to contact: Linda Miller Academic Advisor (509) 372-7202 West 263C email address can be found at http://www.tricity.wsu.edu/nursing/bsn.html Your interview letter should have specific details concerning the location and time of your interview so if you have any further questions I would definitely call the number above or contact the number provided in your letter. All of the info I've gathered so far relates specifically to the Spokane Campus and there isn't a ton of info concerning the extension campuses other that what is presented on their respective websites. I wish I could be of more help and hope things work out for the best. Thomas
  16. Hello. I did get a letter for an interview on Wednesday this week so I am extremely excited that I have made it this far. The waiting was indeed horrible but our advisors finally sent out an email informing us that letters would be in the mail the last week of March and then again when the letters actually went out. That made going to the mailbox everyday less of a dramatic experience. I'm not sure if your acceptance letters will come from Spokane but if so there were some people here as of yesterday that had not received their letters but they have been sent out and I hope yours is on its way to you as we speak! Thanks for the well wishes and GOOD LUCK TO YOU JOSH :)