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    Undershirt for scrubs?

    try a mock turtleneck from llbean or something, they are soft, will last forever, are form fitting and well look good. try black or the same color as your scrubs.
  2. Okay, here's the way the medicare hospice benifit (gold standard which hospice must obay) works: their are nurses, social workers, CNA's, MD's, Chaplins, volunteers and others who form this team that works on behalf of the pt and their families. the team goes to 1. a patient's home (hospice provides: some medicines, a hospital bed, oxygen etc... and a lot of TLC) 2. a nursing home (a version of the patient's home where the family/medicaid pay the room and board like in a home or a place where the patient goes so the family can get rest (respite) benefit for a few days where the hospice pays the bill) 4. a hospice inpatient center -- "goes to hospice place" (hospice picks up the cost at the center for helping with out of controll pain or other simptom) 5. a hospital (where the hospice picks up the cost and the pt. is managed to get them comfortable not for life saving endeavors) does that help anyone?