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    Do I have what it takes? Am I cut out for nursing?

    I hated Chemistry! made me second guess my goals too. But remember this that badge is going to say RN NOT RN made a "C" in chemistry. Great advice to get the dosage calculation book. And really when you are practicing as a RN you will have books, calculator sometimes a pharmacist and other nurses there to help with those drug calculations. Hang in there and dont get too discouraged. We all get down and second guess ourselves-even after 20 years i do it! LOL and then go to work tomorrow!

    New nurse needing advice

    read your state practice act- you are the leader! outline your expectations remember YOU the LPN are responsible to ensure they are doing what is required by policy for the patient under your care. Dont be a dictator but also dont allow poor care or insubordination. Good books to help ones by John Maxwell and QBQ. Find a LPN/RN mentor to help learn these valuable skills