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  1. oh really? im gonna start reviewing there this jan. on the 1st day, did they give you a pretest?
  2. neo03

    The Medical City

    same favor as kermitlover, can you pls pm me the email add of TMC? TIA
  3. neo03

    The Medical City

    hi! can you pls reply with their email address, or pm it to me? TIA.
  4. neo03

    The Medical City

    i just opened their site today and i was surprised that its new. i cant find the application form too, and i have already created an account but wasn't able to finish it since their old site always crashes. so im having the same problem.
  5. @humbledRN: did you also pass your resume at the marine medical services? you are a fresh grad am i right? im just trying to study why kermitlover and I were not given an on-the-spot exam. or maybe you know someone from that hospital?
  6. When did you pass your resume in Metropolitan? I passed mine there but I wasn't given that kind of exam and no call/text yet.
  7. oh great! thanks for sharing :)
  8. hi, have you passed your requirements already? pls pm me the address thanks
  9. can someone pls tell us if chmc is still open for applications and where can we submit the requirements? thanks
  10. im also new here. i would just like to ask if CHMC is still open for applicants, and also for that hospital that will soon rise in Q. ave? can someone pm me the numbers and address for both hosps. thanks!