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  1. runsondunkin

    Should I buy or rent the Med-Surg Book?

    Buy it...I don't know about you but mine has so many useful things in it that I am sure I will reference down the road. Just today when studying I saw a spanish/english translation guide in mine to help you learn basic phrases to assist a patient who speaks spanish.
  2. runsondunkin

    To Buy or Rent.. That is the question!

    I like owning my books because when we go over the text in class, I hi-light specific point the professor makes. I find when they stress a point in the book, it is typically on the exam.
  3. If you don't mind the commute..I believe that the VA hospital in wet palm beach is hiring an LPN. It's for hospice...they have great benefits from what I heard. As for the experience...in my past if I lacked experience requirement I would typically attach a letter stating why I think they should hire me based on experiences in other areas and great willingness to learn. This has worked for me many times even landing me a job which a person typically requires a masters degree in psychology. You can gain experience in other ways through volunteering, taking continuing education classes that show you are a avid learner (preventing med errors), attending lectures and workshops.....all these things will make you stand out and generally are interesting and definitely very beneficial. In this economy it's very much a who you know and networking to find jobs. If you have a family member of friends in health care ask them! Lots of times people working somewhere may know about a opening before it's even listed. Maybe try a staffing service too?
  4. runsondunkin

    May Not Be able to start school due to lack of funds

    Try a credit union for a personal loan. You might need to start making payments soon or can defer them. Talk to them....when you are going for career training in a good field like nursing, it's basically a sure thing that the bank will get its money back and some interest to boot!
  5. runsondunkin

    Confusing Test.. and Teachers who say the book is wrong..

    I am so lucky I go to a school where the professors not only admit when they are wrong but they also point out when the answer guide for the text test prep questions are wrong...explaining why. It sounds like you have a lazy teacher who just relies too much on a test bank, my best suggestion is to go to the dean or someone higher than that professor. Nursing schools are full of nurse teachers, ask around and the bigger stink you make the more likely this "professor" will get their act straight and see that no system is perfect and they might even have to work for a living. sigh.
  6. runsondunkin

    How to Study Effectively?

    I get bored quickly with constant reading...so I try and switch it up a bit. I used Khan Academy for A&P and brushing up on my math skills so I could kick pharm math's butt! They use videos but they are not boring, they are set up just as if the professor was doing a one on one with you....very engaging! Also those CD's that come with the text books aren't there to justify charging you up the wazzoo, they offer many tools such as animations and games and sample exam questions (you will be surprised how many end up on your exams!!!) . Make flash cards!! Keep them simple with just a few words that get the message across...often I just use bullet points. The act of writing these out helps cement them in your brain. Depending on the professor, sometimes they do their lectures while reading from the book, I highly suggest you sit in class following in the book with your highlighter poised...as when a teach emphasizes a certain point, it's typically on the exam! I use two different highlighters...one for when I read at home and one for the classroom. Think of silly memorization tools and share them with classmates as they will often start making their own and sharing those too! Ex for simple pharm math conversions I remember Kg-G-mg-mcg by saying to myself "King George makes macaroni"...silly yes but if you have that down you can do any metric conversion bc even liters follow the same scale up and down, just replace the G with a L! I say switch it up and you have many different types of "pass throughs" of information to grasp the technique.
  7. runsondunkin

    Letter of recommendation

    I suggest when they write the letter, before signing it have several copies print and have them sign a few. I made back up's of my LOR's just in case I didn't get into the program I applied to. Even if you don't use them all, it's very nice to read them during your progress in school to kinda give yourself a boost...bc I assure you that at times you will begin to doubt whether or not you made the right choice....which you did