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  1. Patty:)

    Advice for job interview with RDNS

    Hey I got the job!! I heard back from them on Friday I start 1st week of Jan. The interview was pretty straightforward more management style questions & how I would promote the service etc. I was overprepared which was great. Thanks for ur advice & that of your friend :0 Looking forward to a change will let u know how I go once I start. The only hard thing will be leaving my 10month a month earlier than planned.
  2. Patty:)

    Advice for job interview with RDNS

    Thanks for the help & advice :0 will let you know how I go.
  3. Patty:)

    Advice for job interview with RDNS

    That would be great!! Its next Wednesday.
  4. Hi, After 10 years of working in an acute Hospital now looking for a change. I have a job interview with RDNS as a liason nurse Grade 4A next week. Any advice? Has anyone had a job interview with RDNS? Not sure what to expect as its been a while since I had an interview. Any advice would be most appreciated :) Thanks