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    Personal liability insurance why or why not?

    Thank you for your replies. I will get the insurance once I start working.
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    Personal liability insurance why or why not?

    Hello Does anyone know if the liability insurance is priced by the territory?I live in Florida. I ask because everyone keeps saying how inexpensive its but my quote came out to 170 dollars and that's with new graduate discount. I'm assuming is yearly. Thank you!
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    LPN jobs in South florida

    Hello mc30: Have you tried hospice or home health agencies???? I'm a new grad RN. I had previous experience as an LPN. I just got an offer for hospice. I wish you the best!!!
  4. Good for her!!!!! I keep checking their website and it was so weird they had the same job list for months. The only position was for RN nights. So, I got discouraged. If you can let me know how is the work environment there just to have an idea for the future. Thank you!
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    Can a new graduate be a hospice RN?

    Hello JaclynRN789: I'm happy you are having such a great experience with hospice. I also live in Florida, can you tell me the name of the hospice and the area that they serve?? I'll like to know, I'm a new Rn as well. If it's not in my area the information might help other people reading the thread. I thank you, good luck!!!
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    Puerto rican RN wanting to move to Miami.

    Hello all: To: Puerto Rican I'm just moved to Miami thinking it was going to be easy to find a job here. I'm not sure what your situation is or the reason you want to moved to MIA but knowing what I'm going through it would tell you to think about it before. You are doing great trying to find a connection before getting here. Needless to say I've been here since August applying for job nothing yet not even one interview. I was a CNA, LPN and now a new grad RN I still have my CNA and LPN available I'm applying for everything and nothing. I live in the Hialeah area and don't know any nurses I feel alone with nobody that understands my situation so if anybody wants to share any information I'll be grateful. Stay strong and positive, positive thinking positive results!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!
  7. Hi all, yes it's extremely hard to find any type of RN job without hospital experience. What really worries me is that huge gap of employment history I’m going to have, employers hate to see that at all. I keep reading everywhere and even though I need the money I plan to start volunteering because I just moved to Miami and I don’t even know one nurse that can gives me heads up if there is an opening somewhere. I apply, apply, and apply constantly I think networking is the key to find a job.
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    No jobs in florida for new grads

    Hello everybody!!!! I'm a new graduate Registered Nurse with two years experience as a practical nurse on long-term care. I really enjoyed working in LTC because of the interaction with the patients; I did develop a relationship with the patients because I started working as a CNA at the same facility before becoming an LPN. I have to say that the job market for new grads is worst that what I had anticipated. I went to school in Hillsborough County and quickly after graduation relocated to Miami. It's been a while, I've been unemployed for far too long. I apply on a daily basis but no job yet, most of the openings require years of experience that I don't have. I don't want the feeling of frustration to overwhelm me so I decided to go back to school, volunteer for a while, continue to apply daily, and pray a lot lol....positive thinking positive results.